Book an appointment

Intake Interview

Telephone, Facetime, Skype, or in-person conversation discussing your service.

40 minutes

Full Session: 3 Hours

Session includes check-in, 150 minutes of care, and check out.

3 hours 30 minutes

House Call: 2 - 4 Hours

10 minutes for setup, 10 minutes for takedown. House calls require a 6’ x 10’ empty space in a warm, quiet, clean, smoke-, pet-, child- and emf-free environment (cel phones and wifi devices off, not just silent). Providing parking space may be necessary. Please use this option even if the house call is only 2 hours -- if you decide to extend, I will have the time available for you.

4 hours 20 minutes

Basic Session: 2 Hours

Session includes brief check-in, 100 minutes of care, and brief check out.

2 hours

Mo Lohaus