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Initial Intake

1 hour

Individual Therapy

1 hour

Family Therapy

1 hour

Adolescent Therapy

1 hour

Divorce Mediation

$250 · 1 hour


Heather A. Dropski, LCPC

Mon., Tues., and Wednesdays are TELE-HEALTH sessions. Thurs., Fri., and Saturdays are IN OFFICE sessions. Heather Dropski is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with vast experience working with children, adolescents & adults. Her passions include teaching "Project Protect" for families coping with divorce and play therapy for helping young children.


Kerry Strzyzewski, LPC

Kerry is a Licensed Practicing Counselor who's philosophy in working with clients is to build a trusting relationship by learning their story - their background, their current experience, their strengths and their challenges. We can then work together to use these strengths to help craft a new story, where they are able to face the challenges and begin shaping a new future. I implement CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Play Therapy, Mindfulness, and Art Therapy within sessions and believe in the power of meeting a client where they’re at with an open mind. I look forward to meeting with you and getting on the path to healing!