DUE TO CORONAVIRUS, TO KEEP YOU AND OTHERS SAFE I REQUEST THAT YOU: • Come wearing a CLEAN mask. Because I will be touching your mask and then other parts of your body, it is for your safety that your mask be clean. • Stay in your car until the time of your appointment. I will text you when you can come into the building. Then come directly to my office door. This way I will be ready to let you right into my office without your needing to wait in the waiting area which could be contaminated by others. • Please wear clean clothes and bring a clean foot covering - sock or footie - to wear during your session. • I will be taking your temperature and blood oxygen level before your session. If your temperature is above 100 or your blood oxygen is below 92 you will need to get a Coronavirus test before I can treat you. • Please bring your own water to drink • If you have coronavirus symptoms including fever or cough and you have not had a negative Coronavirus test since the onset of the symptoms, please postpone your session until you have been tested. Your cancellation fee will be refunded.

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Jin Shin Jyutsu - New Client Session

Session for new or new to me client

$115 · 1 hour 15 minutes

I have a gift certificate or have already paid for my session

Client has received a gift certificate or has already paid for their session in advance.

1 hour

Jin Shin Jyutsu - One Hour Session

Jin Shin Jyutsu session lasting one hour

$100 · 1 hour

Jin Shin Jyutsu 1 1/2 hour session

Jin Shin Jyutsu session lasting one and one half hours

$150 · 1 hour 30 minutes

JIn Shin Jyutsu 5 session package offer

By purchasing a package of 5 sessions there is a reduced rate. All sessions must be used by one client within a year. Any sessions not used within 1 year are voided.

$460 · 1 hour


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