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Organic Hydration

Protect the natural moisture from being lost and strengthen your skin's protective barrier with a soothing hydration serum and massage.

BOOK NOW $35 · 30 minutes

Therapeutic Massage

*Custom Massage service created by your therapist for your immediate needs.* One or more modalities may be combined during your 60 minute session. Restrictions apply.

$80 · 1 hour

Couple's Massage 60 Minutes

Outcalls ONLY. NO VOUCHERS or coupons can be used. 2 guests can choose one 60 minute massage in the same room at the same time provided by 2 staff members.

$150 · 1 hour

Therapeutic Massage

*Massage spefic to meet your needs

$150 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Organic Skin Renewal

Improve your skin's health while relaxing the mind and body as Organic ingredients blanket your face as we cleans your pores of environmental and internal toxins with a natural fruit enzyme and other natural ingredients to revitalize your skin. Then followed by a relaxing massage, your skin will thank you!

$60 · 30 minutes

Ionic Foot Detox

Detoxification through exchange at the cellular level as you soak your feet in a warm bath. Light massage follows.

$50 · 30 minutes

Organic Foot Renewal

Renew the toughest skin layers of the feet with essential soaking, exfoliating, and circulation massage.

2 Options

Therma Or Cryo Therapy

Choose adeded thermal or cryo service to be applied to the skin, gently reducing inflammation of muscles and restoring elasticity during massage.

$50 · 30 minutes


Non Invasive & FDA approved! MPS is a hand-held micro-current Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) device, specifically designed for the temporary relief of muscular pain. It is engineered to detect and stimulate areas of low resistance on the body. This unique approach for the temporary relief of pain has been developed with input from healthcare professionals and has been thoroughly tested for over 30 years. A simple, all natural approach for the temporary relief of pain when and where you need it. 

$35 · 15 minutes

Additional Time

Session time is increased by 30 minutes to allow more focus on areas of concern.

$30 · 30 minutes

Therapeutic Massage

Unwind with a custom 30 minute massage that's tailored to your needs.

$45 · 30 minutes

Prenatal/Postpartum Massage

Prepare your soft tissues for birth or restore your body and skin to its rehabilitated state after giving birth as your therapist works on target areas of discomfort.

$90 · 1 hour

Groupon Reflexology Package

Must enter a voucher number for discount to apply. Can't be used for groups. Includes Organic Foot Renewal massage. Acupressure points of the hands and feet are manipulated for stress relief and balance. The session is ended by a relaxation foot massage.

Free · 1 hour

Couples Massage Packages

No vouchers can be used. Couples receive a private lesson, Single Couple's massage, or group Couple's package based on your selection by Experienced-Board Certified staff, light refreshments or dinner (retreat & 2/13/21 event only) spa robes (retreat only), king & queen gift bag, Foot Service(additional cost), Face Service(additional cost), Paint N Sip, and romantic decor for an ultimate date night experience! Light breakfast for overnight stay option only.Non Refundable 25% deposit required to lock in your date. Additional 3 payments(4 payments for retreats) can be made to pay the balance. Balance due the date before the event. All payments are via invoice, no exception.

4 Options


* Must enter voucher number in the notes to apply discount for this service.*

Free · 1 hour

Express Spa Party

4-6 weeks advanced notice for dates in November, December, February, and May. Minimum of 6 guests required. All guests must receive at least 1 service. Includes at least 2 therapists, your choice of entertainment options, Spa Robes, Diva bags, custom photo backdrop items Or treat table, face, hand, foot, and back massage services. Light breakfast for overnight stay option. Invoice will be sent electronically. No cash or exceptions. Non Refundable 50% deposit required to secure event date & time. 5 additional payments can be made to pay balance. Balance due the date of the event. Additional items and upgrades may be purchased separately. 24hr notice of cancellation policy applies to avoid cancellation fees.

2 Options

VIP Spa Party

This is an onsite service only. Must book with 50% deposit no less than 3 weeks in advance. Must select a date that we have available with our coordinator on a weekend only. Must provide an address to book. Not available on weekdays. Price includes gratuity and transportation fees. Minimum of 6 guests receiving services required. ALL options include at least 1 therapists, treat bags, custom decor backdrop, face, hand, foot, and back express massage services (full services for indulge spa only). Non Refundable 50% deposit required to secure event date & time. Invoice will be sent electronically. Balance due the date of the event. Additional items and upgrades may be purchased separately. 24 hr notice of cancellation required to avoid fees.

3 Options

Corporate/ Event Massage

Services at your office/ event location only. Minimum 6 guests required. Includes 2.5 hours of service time. 24 hour notice of cancellation required. Chair massages included. Travel fee not included. Number of guests will determine the number of therapists. Non refundable 50% deposit required at time of booking. Balance due the date of the event. Electronic invoice will be sent. Non payment equals no service. 4 weeks advanced notice of event date required in the months of November, December, and February.

$300 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Groupon Ionic FOOT DETOX

Must enter voucher number in the notes.

Free · 30 minutes

Side BY Side Massage

Grab a friend and recieve a 30 minute full body massage in the same room together!

$75 · 30 minutes

Free Virtual Consult

Not sure what service is best for you? Virtual Consults are free for the firsts 10 minutes. You must schedule a service and be prepared to pay in order to receive additional time or in person consultation.

2 Options

Massage For Caregivers

Are you a Caregiver at a facility? Do you have an elderly loved one at home? This lesson is for you! We know the stress & pain that both you and the ones you care for endure daily. We are here to help with easy to apply & practical techniques for relaxing your mind & body. Offering Virtual & In Personal lessons. Price is per person or per staff.

By Appointment Only $50 · 1 hour 30 minutes


TRAVEL FEE , Applicable Fees, and GRATUITY NOT INCLUDED. Calculated travel & applicable fees for parking, stairs, etc will apply after a confirmation email has been provided and approvedby appropriate staff.

$80 · 1 hour 30 minutes

E Gift Card

Select E gift option 1. 2, or 3 in the denomination that covers 100% the cost of the service you want to purchase for your recipient. Add $5 per card for physical gift cards. Not redeemable for cash. Must be paid in full. May purchase multiples.

3 Options

VIP 60 Minute Massage

*MUST be an Active VIP MEMBERSHIP PARTICIPANT to receive this rate. All others such as New or Existing clients(Non Members)will not apply. Joined 2018+

$30 · 1 hour

VIP 60 Minute Massage Services

*Exclusively for VIP Members that joined prior to 2018.

$120 · 1 hour


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