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Full Haircut

Includes bath, haircut, ear cleaning, nail trimming, nail buffing (if pet let’s us) and tooth brushing. Can take up to an hour or longer Tiny Dogs (under 10lbs) - $40 -$45 Small Dogs - $50 - $55 Medium Dogs - $65 - $75 Large Dogs - $85 - $95 XL Dogs - $100& up

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Matted Pooch Package

This package is for those pups we come across every once in awhile.. Those Sarah McLachlan commercial looking pets. Pets that are severely matted need to have 2 haircuts meaning it takes us twice as long as usual for grooming. This Package will include - Shave down, Soothing Bath with Aloe or Lavender Shampoo, a Conditioning Treatment or Flea & Tick Treatment if needed. As well as ear cleaning, nail trimming, nail buffing (if pet let’s us) and tooth brushing.

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Bath & Brush Out - (No Trimming)

(DOES NOT INCLUDE HAIRCUT) Bath with your choice of shampoo, Blow dry or towel dry, ear cleaning and nail trim w/ Nail buffing and tooth brushing. Scented Sprays, Bows or Bandanna optional. (Anal Glands Upon Request) Tiny - Small Dogs - $20 - $25 Medium Dogs - $35 - $45 Large Dogs - $50- $65 XL Dogs - $75& up

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Touch Up

Our Feet, Face and Sani Trim is perfect if you just want your pup to get a touch up without getting a full body hair cut. Includes Warm Bath with your choice of shampoo, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim w/ Nail Buffing and Tooth Brushing. Scented Sprays, Bows or Bandanna optional. (Anal Glands Upon Request) Tiny - Small Dogs - $35 - $40 Medium Dogs - $45 - $55 Large Dogs - $60 - $70 XL Dogs - $85& up

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De- Shedding Conditioning Treatment (Add-On)

de-shedding treatment must be added to a bath or haircut service Tiny - Small Dogs - $10 Medium Dogs - $15 Large Dogs - $20 XL Dogs - $25 & up

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Puppy Packages (under 6 months & under 15lbs)

Our Puppy Grooming includes a soothing warm bath with a Lavender Chamomile Calming Shampoo, Towel dry with a gentle blow dry, ear cleaning, nail trim and tooth brushing. Everything to get your new Family member use to Grooming. **We may ask for additional time depending on puppy FOR PUPPIES UP TO 6 MONTHS & UNDER 15LBS

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Upgraded Shampoo's (ADD-ON)

Select an Upgraded Shampoo or Conditioning Treatment for your pets Spa Day!

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Soft Paws Treatment (ADD-ON)

Our "Soft Paws" Treatment helps Condition and Protect your pets paws all season long. Helps dry cracked pads & noses. Add On to any service or buy our Paw Balm in store to help protect at home.

$5 · 5 minutes

Creative Coloring (Add-On)

**PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING** ((MUST BE BOOKED WITH A BATH OR HAIRCUT PACKAGE)) ALL PETS who have not been groomed by Desired Styles in the last 3 months must complete 1 standard Grooming Appointment before scheduling a Color Service. This standard Grooming Appointment doubles as an evaluation of your pets Coat, Skin, Temperament and Grooming Etiquette. The ideal Pet for any Coloring Service is in Good Health, is experienced in being handled by Professional Groomers, is Well-Socialized, and Enjoys Attention. Creative Grooming is meant to be FUN and ENJOYABLE for you and your pet. Some pets may not be ideal candidates for Creative Grooming right away and require practice with standard Grooming. For this reason, we CANNOT offer this service to: ⦁ Puppies under 6 months of age. ⦁ Aggressive Pets ⦁ Pets who CANNOT or WILL NOT stand for extended periods of time. ⦁ Pets with Matted or Tangled coats requiring close shaving or De-Matting. ⦁ Pets with Fleas, Ticks, Open Wounds, Sores, Infections or other skin conditions. ⦁ Pets with known SKIN SENSITIVITIES including allergic reaction to pet shampoos, dandruff (flaky skin), hair loss (bald patches), or other skin issues. (Please call during business hours for any questions)

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(Guinea Pig/ Bunny)Small Animal Grooming

Hair cut or bath on a Guinea Pig, Bunny or Ferret

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Autumn is back!! Yay! She is on a weight restriction so she can only groom small dogs (under 15 lbs) at the moment. If you would like to Book with Autumn but have questions give us a Call Anytime!



Desirae (Owner)

Owner of Desired Styles Pet Grooming, if you want an appointment with Desirae please Request to book with her. (Usually booked a week or more out)

Lauren (Stylist in Training)

Lauren is Awesome! Her passion for animals and attention to detail shows. She is currently in Training to become a Pet Stylist. We know she will make a great groomer! You can Follow along with her on her journey on Instagram @Groomedbylauren


Rhonda - Manager (No Haircuts)

Rhonda is our favorite bather! She is a long time animal lover. WE love her and we know you will too!!



Roman just joined the Desired Styles Team this July and it couldn't have been better timing. Roman is a well versed, knowledgeable, hard working groomer. He has been in the grooming industry for just about 5 years. Starting out at Petsmart and now working with us. We are so excited to be apart of his journey and can't wait for our clients to love him just as much as we do! - Welcome to the Family Roman!



Rosa is one of our newest groomers but is already an amazing caring groomer! We can't wait to see what her future holds! She is also bilingual! Se Habla Español!