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The Pinnacle Membership (First Appointment)

This is the first appointment in the membership. If the appointment is made within 14 days of the application transaction, the first month's membership is free. If the appointment not made within 14 days of the application transaction date, then the first month's membership will be due at the time of appointment. The membership application fee was processed at

Free · 1 hour

The Pinnacle

The treatment uses our protected in-house and carefully crafted CBD recipe not found anywhere. This recipe was formulated over many months into a fantastic massage oil and included with powerful therapeutic massage techniques with highly successful results. I am also proud to add it to a skilled and expert neck & shoulder technique. The purpose of this treatment is to significantly transform the health of an individual by alleviating body stress, radically reduce debilitating stress and pain, ease the mind, and significantly reduce the opportunity for future medical issues. Other services included in this service; Hot Towels, Neck and Back Stretch, Hyper Bolt, and Tens Unit.

$200 · 1 hour 30 minutes


The founder of The Relax Nation, Rob, represents the very finest in massage therapy. He is dedicated to the wellness of each person who walks through the door. Rob opened his clinic several years ago to be a caring, communicative haven for people to address their pain. Pain is relevant to over 90% of doctor visits is stress related. Stress that is left untreated develops into a medical condition and may end in a life-claiming event. Massage Therapy plays a significant role in preventing stress from evolving into a health issue.