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Beach Bronzed Custom Spray Tans Springfield,TN

Beach Bronzed spray tan
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Our Services

Basic Spray Tan
Custom Spray Tan that takes 12 to 24 hours to develop!
Rapid Spray Tan
In a hurry? Get a Rapid Spray Tan! You can shower in as little as 2 hours after applications!
Contour Spray Tan
Get a total body contour with the best solutions that will make bring out your body's natural muscle tone and highlight the right areas on your body!
Spray Tan (New Customer)
If this is your first time booking with me, book right here! If you are booking basic or rapid spraytan, we can discuss the details and make the right choice when you come to the appt. This will allow a little more time so we can make sure to get the right tan on you!
Full Powder Finish
A full powder finish will leave your skin feeling dry and smooth when you leave! I will apply a full application after your tan with a brush!! You will LOVE how this looks and feels!!

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