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Gather biometrics and benchmark fitness level. Help to determine appropriate exercise prescription.

$35 · 30 minutes

Personal Training

Individualized fitness program. A customized exercise prescription to achieve health and fitness goals.

$50 · 55 minutes

Online Coaching

A guided approach to becoming healthier and fitter you.

$25 · 30 minutes

Assisted Stretching

Increase muscle flexibility and joint range of motion. Reduce pain and improve muscle tone. Developing more flexibility is an essential part of health and fitness.

Call for more information $55 · 55 minutes

Lifestyle Program

Program includes: Better Overall Health Weight Management Learn Healthy Eeating Tone And Define Muscles Designed primarily for individuals, but customizable to all group sizes, this program uses a multi-disciplinary approach to educate, guide and facilitate change. With a focus on eating behaviors, food selection and portion control, as well as safe and effective exercises, the program will encourage long-term healthy habits and lifestyle choices. Tailored programs depending on needs and goals Continuous support and encouragement Simple techniques to promote healthy eating habits Fitness level appropriate training

Call for more information $50 · 55 minutes

Well After Fifty

Program includes: Vestibular Exercises Increase Strength Improve Balance Build Strong Bones & Muscles

$50 · 55 minutes

Weight Management

Programs designed on your specific needs Support and motivation Guidance to determine appropriate goals Self-assessment tools

$50 · 55 minutes


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