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Healing session bundle package

This package includes one, 1 hour session a week four one month via virtual meeting/phone. This is for all clients to be heard and coached on their terms. Sessions include paperwork, evaluations, and growing through each session.

1 session a week for 1 month $260 · 1 hour

1 on 1 with Derricka Fowler

This package includes 1 hour session to be heard and coached on clients terms. All coaching is done via virtual meeting/phone.

1 hour healing session $60 · 1 hour

1 on 1 Emergency Session with Derricka Fowler

If you are in the midst of a situation physically, mentally, spiritually, and need some guidance then this type of session is for you. These sessions can be booked same day. Client will be coached on their terms. All sessions are done via virtual meeting/phone

45min. Emergency session $45 · 1 hour


Derricka Gaut