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Beyond the Horse is different than any other type of personal coaching that you've ever experienced. No horse experience is necessary to participate in a coaching session. Trained in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®, Anna partners with her horses to guide you through the unique process. Working as a team, Anna and her horses will help you become aware of the unfinished business that is causing you pain or hindering your success and happiness. Then, through experiential interaction, the team will assist you with clearing the energy that has been holding you back or keeping your from your best self.
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Our Services

Individual Adult Gestalt Session (With Horses)
Partnering with the horses, I will guide you through the Equine Gestalt Coaching process. You will never forget the answers found with the help of a horse. Sessions begin in the stall barn, meeting the horses and settling into the work. Leave the parts of you that are hindering or downright hurting you in this sacred arena and leave feeling shifted, clear, and empowered. No horse experience necessary and we will not ride the horses. 21+ only.  1 hour, 30 minutes. 
Individual Adult Gestalt Session (No Horses)
Sessions may be held in the tack room, the grain bin (coming fall 2019), the barn or arena, or outdoors on the ranch. No horses will coach during this session, but we may be in their presence. An assistant will be present during session. 1 hour, 30 minutes
Couples Session
As you grow and change, your partnerships may or may not follow suit. Gift yourselves clarity, compassion, re-connection, peace, or learn to co-parent apart in a way that your children's children will know and feel as a blessing. Sessions will begin in the stall barn and will include horses. Custom packages available upon request. 3 hours.
Youth Session
My youth sessions are solely for young women ages 12-17. Is your daughter experiencing trouble in school or at home? Has she experienced a trauma and is stuck, unable to move forward? Do you know or expect that she self-harms or has thoughts of suicide? Is traditional talk therapy not helping? I have a passion for working with girls who struggle with these issues and others. Individual youth sessions are 1 hour in length and are held in the arena, with the horses. Non-riding. Parents are not required to attend session, but must remain on the ranch. Bring a good book or take a nap under a tree and enjoy your hour while your child works with Anna and the horses.

Our Staff

Anna Tietz