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1:00 PM - 11:00 PM
1:00 PM - 11:00 PM
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Our Services

Studio Tour
Welcome to our studio! Stop in to see us live. This is a great opportunity to vibe, ask questions, experience our equipment and share music. *Weekends Only
A La Carte: Mixing
A La Carte: Recording
Mommy, Music + Me
Lux Vocal Session
our Studio Room rentals include Recording Hour, Recording Lounge, Complimentary Beverages, Vocal Polishing, Broadcast Quality Mixing + Mastering, Revisions + Alternative Versions w/in 7 days per request, Opportunity for National Exposure for your song (original production only) Duration: 1 hour of live & 1 hour of remote studio time
Create Your Own Tag
*Weekends Only. Schedule a complimentary mini-recording experience. After your studio tour, we can create your own vocal producer or artist tag! This way you can visually see how we EQ, mix and master. Please bring your Tag script (usually a under :05 in length)
A La Carte: Vocal Tuning
A La Carte: Mastering

Our Staff

In '17, Brit Fox listed as Top Ten list of Independent songwriters by Los Angeles Taxi A&R. By 2017, she has contributed to numerous labels, cable & digital streaming networks including YouTube, Def Jam, Netflix, Disney Music group & Spike TV.