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One on One Classes

Are you wondering where you belong, where you fit in, what do you believe? Need help with Tarot Cards? Wondering how to set up your altar? Want to learn? You can get these answers and more with this class. Let me be the first to “Welcome You Home”!

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30 Minute Reading / Spiritual Consultation

30 minutes Clairvoyant/Medium/Psychic No GUARANTEE on a spirit coming through. If they have a message they will come. We can only ask. NO REFUNDS on readings. It takes energy and time.

$60 · 30 minutes

20 Minute Consultations

Are you dealing with something and need some help? We will listen to your issue and with help from our spirit guides we will come up with a personalized, just for you, game plan. No two situations are the same, so ONE size does not fit ALL. Price does NOT include hand made items or custom prepared items just for you & your situation.

$35 · 20 minutes

60 Minute Reading / Spiritual Consultation

This is not a “Reading” in the normally used term. This service is to bring forth messages from lost loved ones, (if they have messages or any information) spirit contact (yours, as well as my spirits) to help you through whatever it is you are struggling with. We might use the Tarot or other mediums to help with your session, but we will discuss as we go. There are never any guarantees' as to what souls / spirits will join us we can only ask. Sometimes the ones we are seeking don't come through but others might.

$150.00 $150 · 1 hour


Maria Solana