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Our Services

Mini-Coaching Session - A Taste of Coaching
You're interested in coaching. You're thinking of hiring me. But you want to see what this whole coaching thing is really like. Let's try a free mini-session! You bring a topic - something that's important to you, like something you really want, or a place you're stuck, or a thorny problem that you want to look at from a fresh perspective. We'll coach on that topic for 15-20 minutes, and by the end you'll have chosen some accountability steps for yourself. Spoiler: They might not be what you'd expect! Then we'll debrief the coaching for a few minutes, and by the time we hang up, we'll probably know whether we're interested in working together. Be sure to give yourself a few minutes to digest the session afterwards. Sound good? Book it.
Individual Coaching Session - Phone
Phone coaching is surprisingly effective. Somehow, not being in the same room can open up a certain kind of spacious attentiveness. In our beautiful age of magical technology and crisp, clear phone connections, distance collapses and we attune to the nuance of what is said and what is unspoken. I'm based in Vermont, and my own coaches have been based all around the world (Barcelona, Toronto, Tokyo, Shanghai) while supporting me to utterly transform my life.
Discovery Session! Co-create the foundation for our coaching relationship
This is a foundational session - 90 minutes together to design our alliance, review your Discovery Questionnaire, set the tone for our work, and empower the coaching relationship. We might also create a few action steps or inquiries in this session, depending on what we discover.
Coach On Retainer
This kind of appointment is available to clients who have completed a minimum 6-month coaching engagement with me, had a formal completion session, and designed a specific new alliance called "Coach on Retainer".

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