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Individual Coaching Call

45 minutes to rearrange something in your world

45 minutes

FULL THROTTLE: Informational Call

This call is to answer any questions you have about Full Throttle, and to make sure that Full Throttle is a fabulous fit for what you want.

Free · 20 minutes


Explore your current goals and your desires for coaching. By the end of the call, we'll probably know whether this is a great match for you.

Free · 20 minutes

Wild Productivity - 1:1 Coaching Call

Unleash yourself. Create what is needed. Become the wildly productive human you were born to be.

45 minutes

Radical Declutter - 1:1 Coaching Call

Current Radical Declutter DIY+ and Fully Supported Declutter clients, schedule your coaching here.

Free · 45 minutes

Mini Session: A Taste of Coaching

Your interest is piqued. You want an exceptional coach - someone refreshing, creative and fierce, with an expansive sense of possibility. It might be me. Let's find out. You're considering hiring me, but first you want to see what this whole thing is really like. Let's try a free mini-session! You bring a topic (a burning desire, a thorny problem you're grappling with, an area of life where you're feeling stuck and need a fresh perspective, etc.) and I'll coach you for about 15 minutes. Remember, this is not problem-solving or consulting - it's co-active coaching. The goal is for you to learn something new and explore territory that is unusual for you - NOT to travel over ground you've covered a million times already. Expect me to be fierce, tender, irreverent, and courageous. Then we'll debrief for a few minutes, and by the time we hang up, we'll probably know whether we're interested in working together. Be sure to give yourself a few minutes to digest the session before your next meeting or obligation. Sound good? Book it.

Free · 30 minutes

Groundwork Session! Kick It Off

This is a foundational session - 90 minutes together to kick off our coaching relationship and establish some of the themes and goals that are most important to you now. Shortly after you schedule this session, I will send you a copy of the Groundwork questions for your reflection as we enter into coaching together. Before we meet, you will have sent your responses to me so that I can best prepare for this session - so please take this moment to also schedule a quiet, uninterrupted time on your calendar (coffee, anyone?) so you can do the prompts between now and then.

Included in your coaching package $250 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Alumni Only - 1:1 Coaching Call

This kind of appointment is available to clients who have completed a minimum 6-month coaching engagement with me, had a formal completion session, and been invited to continue with me

$200 · 45 minutes

Radical Declutter - Informational Call

A 20-minute call to address your questions about Radical Declutter and how you can learn to create exactly the spaces you desire - in your calendar, in your closets and bedroom, and in your digital life.

Free · 20 minutes

Wild Productivity - Informational Call

6 months working at the crossroads of your sharp intellect, your great big heart, your creative spirit, and your wild embodied self? YES. Find out more.

Free · 20 minutes

Megan Pow