We are a small, self-contained production business built from the passion of music, art, and creative expression. Our whole team is made up of creatives that all have their own avenues of expression. We've come together to create a larger community and extend our services to the rest of the universe!
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Our Services

Photo Shoot
Promotional photo shoot for your you, your band, or your business. Typically we would take about 10 photos and you get to choose 5 of those photos to be your final proofs.
Music Video
We will direct, film and edit a music video at a location of your choice. Travel expenses will be added to the final cost.
We will film and/or photograph your festival, wedding, party, etc. We will provide you with the raw, unedited proofs and footage that we take at your event via email or flash drive. We will travel to you and all travel expenses will be included in the total price. If you would like us to edit your photos and footage, please ask about this as this is separate from our filming and photography.
Music Production
Song-writing, Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering. We can write lyrics for that catchy hook that's just not coming to you. We can create a customized instrumental for that hit song you've been working on. We can help you in the studio if you just need an extra set of hands to make sure you get the most out of your time at the studio. Last but not least we can mix and master your song to get it sonically up to industry standards. Schedule a free consultation today!
Web Design Consultation
We offer custom web design, updates on existing websites, and overall support on any of your web-related needs. First, we need to gather some information on you and your business. First consultation is free.
Music Engineering
I will come to your studio session and engineer you song. This includes set up and operation of equipment. I will track your vocal recordings and/or live instrumentation.

Our Staff