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Free of charge service. If there is hesitation or nerves at all I highly recommend booking this first. Come in, check out my sterile work space, consult on your desired shape/outcome & we will discuss the aftercare and what I can do for you to feel confident in your choice.
Microblading (Initial Session)
(No previous Cosmetic Tattooing) 2 hour session includes: Consultation regarding shape,size,manageability. Then we pre-numb with a %5 Lidocaine for 20-25 mins (we use numbing throughout the procedure as well) , followed by Brow mapping/Pre Draw, you will see exactly where each stroke will be placed as well as the colour selection. This includes Brow grooming (tweeze/trim). This is very much a collaborative experience, your opinion is crucial to the final results. I will not pressure you into doing something you do not feel %100 comfortable with. The process itself takes roughly 30-45 mins. We will then extensively go over the aftercare & set up your follow up appointment, you will have peace of mind knowing when the full service will be completed by. You should not book if you are fall in the follow; Contraindications: 19+ Pregnant Nursing Aquitaine ( must wait 6 months after on medication) High blood sugar levels Anemia / Iron deficiency Blood thinner medication Currently in chemotherapy
6-8 week touchup
1.5 hour session includes: Follow up / discussion on how the previous healing went. If there was anything you noticed/wanted to add this time around. Then we consult on the approach for today's session. Procedure takes roughly 30 mins.
Annual Touch-up
12 months minimum in between sessions. This allows for the skin to regenerate fully before adding more pigment. The integrity of the skin is far more important then a slightly faded brow. Annual Touchup (New Client) Please send ellemunster@gmail.com a clear photo of your brows and a timeline of your previous sessions when booking this service.
MUST send a clear photo of brows to ellemunster@gmail.com, with details of timeline (how many times & what method was used)
I always like to do this service in multiple sessions. To give the most natural "layered" effect. Constellations (zodiak sign) available. The skin can get rather red after the treatment so plan your day accordingly.
Brow Lift
Brow lift / Lamination includes: Brow Grooming (threading, tweeze, trim). No pre-care necessary; Must commit to wearing no brow makeup or getting the brow area wet for 24 hrs.
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