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I love my approach to brain wave training with EEG biofeedback. It is broadly effective at producing substantial results in your life that are enduring.
Most often I see people with anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, migraine, PTSD, addictions, bipolar and autism. Most people with psychological issues have brain wave activity that is either over-aroused or under-aroused or both. Mental problems are a timing issue in the brain. These timing issues can be corrected by practicing a better way to function.
With EEG Biofeedback your brain gets information about what it is doing dozens of times per second. Biofeedback trains you to correct EEG imbalance by interacting with audio-visual signals. Then your life improves! Biofeedback training is like learning to drive a car in the middle of the lane.
When you veer off you get a bump-bump until you steer back into the middle. We can train your brain waves to be in the middle of 8 lanes at a time! With practice these lessons stick with you. Call me at 610.668-3223.
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Our Services

EEG Biofeedback
Greet, discuss current status. Evaluate progress in growth areas. Apply EEG sensors. Interact with brain waves with guidance toward healthy patterns. Both fast and slow enhancements based on evaluation.
Initial Evaluation
Initial paperwork. Discuss issues most impacting quality of life. Set quantitative growth areas. ADHD evaluation. Performance Game with EEG sensors to get customized protocol for future training.

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Gary Ames