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The Instant Glow incorporates techniques created in the German clinic for cleansing, exfoliating, lymphatic and firming massage, with cutting edge molecular efficacy. The 45 minute treatment will nourish and awaken the skin using Dr. Barbara Sturm’s famous ingredient, Purslane to provide rejuvenating, anti-oxidative and nutritive results. Polygonum Bistorta Root Extract evens the skin tone and texture and Wild Rose Extract refines the pores. The treatment is finished with GLOW DROPS that leave the skin with a visibly youthful radiance. Note: No extractions included in this particular treatment.

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The Brightening Facial is a non-aggressive treatment designed to brighten the appearance of dull or tired skin and combat uneven complexions. With soothing and calming effects and anti-aging in mind this treatment includes the BRIGHTENING SERUM and FACE CREAM or LOTION, depending on your skin type, resulting in rejuvenated skin. Cress Sprouts Extract instantly brightens the skin and diminishes the appearance of dark and yellowish spots and Ginseng Extract supports the skin’s own protection against free radicals and environmental stress. Skin will be left looking brighter, smoother, and vibrant.

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The Darker Skin Tones facial is tailored to the unique characteristics of darker skin tones. Using the Darker Skin Tones line it nourishes the skin, reduces internal irritation to which darker skin tones are particularly sensitive, and targets hyperpigmentation. Extracts of Magnolia and Enantia Chlorantha (African Whitewood) Bark refine the pores, reduce sebum flow, and supply intense moisture.

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The Clarifying Facial is ideal in combating adult acne. This treatment targets skin that is prone to blemishes and breakouts, containing complexion-perfecting ingredients, non-oily hydration, skin barrier function protection, and anti-aging compounds. Zinc is present in the entire Clarifying line and removes excess sebum while counteracting the formation of impurities. Albatrellus Ovinus Extract reduces redness and creates a more even skin tone. This treatment will reduce irritating bacteria and redness on the skin while also stimulating the production of the sebaceous glands for lasting effects.

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The anti-aging Men's Facial revitalizes men's skin while taking into account that a man's skin is dermatologically different from a woman's. Customized to the specific needs and challenges of men’s skin, this treatment cleanses, tones, soothes and comforts irritated skin, especially after shaving. The Men’s Facial removes rough or dry skin and promotes skin regeneration, while also fighting the signs of aging, under eye discoloration and puffiness.

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The Super Anti-Aging Facial combines acupressure techniques and massage with a nano skincare device which uses microscopic silicone pyramids to infuse the serum into the skin at a higher rate of absorption, providing immediate results with no downtime. This treatment helps to replenish moisture reservoirs, promotes the skin’s natural barrier function and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a smoother and more youthful complexion.

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  Refresh the body for the new season with this comprehensive body detox treatment. This 60-minute treatment includes body brushing to help mechanically boost circulation and lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness, remove dry skin and smooth cellulite. The treatment includes the light application of the ANTI-AGING BODY CREAM to boost hydration and enhance skin firmness and concludes with a rejuvenating light therapy session to boost skin health, enhance your mood and cognitive function and boost energy levels.

$225 · 1 hour


A rejuvenating and relaxing spa treatment for the back area. This treatment includes a double cleanse, steam, extractions and the application of the CLARIFYING or FACE MASK to help draw out impurities, hydrate the skin and reduce redness and irritation. Especially beneficial for hormonal breakouts, or for athletic clients whose skin is affected by excess sweat, this treatment will leave the back area feeling relaxed, fresh and revived.

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Discover the world of Dr. Barbara Sturm with this comprehensive skincare package. The 45-minute package includes a personalized consultation with a Dr. Sturm aesthetician where they will address any skincare concerns and prescribe a customized skincare routine. It also includes 20 minutes of light therapy and a complimentary three-day personalized Dr. Barbara Sturm supplement regimen to support your skincare recommendations.  

$145 · 45 minutes


Soothe the mind and senses with this wellness treatment. Featuring a specialized pressure point massage, the treatment begins with a soothing and detoxing eye massage using the EYE CREAM to help decrease swelling, bags and dark circles. A temple and forehead and scalp massage helps release any tension and stress and the treatment concludes with a comforting neck, shoulder and decolletage massage using the hydrating FACE CREAM RICH.

$135 · 30 minutes


The Light Therapy Treatment delivers doses of safe, therapeutic red and near infrared light to the skin. The use of natural light LEDs is non-invasive and painless, with clinically-documented benefits, including diminishing the appearance of age spots, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as making skin feel firmer and more elastic. This treatment helps to revive the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and irritation. It also helps to enhance your mood, cognitive function and boosts energy levels.

$95 · 30 minutes


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