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Healing Session Relationship

Ancient Light Healing session to run energy, break cords and free yourself of all the mischief of that EX, soon to be Ex or Person you are trying to work things with. Release yourself and connect with your inner being as a divine God(dess) the way you were truly designed. This session will leave you feeling relaxed, empowered and back into your body with peace and tranquility.

$97 · 1 hour

Spiritual Coaching Dream Interpretations

Want to know what your dreams mean, if you have a gift and discern from bad nightmares to prophetic insight. Connect with me for this high-level clarity session and energy healing to get you more in tune with your divine wisdom and how you receive messages and how to interpret.

$75 · 1 hour

Business Clarity & Navigation Session

Need insight on what to do and how to tap in to make better decisions in your business. Get the clarity you need through Intuitive guidance. Breaking you into tapping your intuition how you receive it, coupled with Ancient Light Healing, we will break the barriers within you so you can start to attract more business, clients and money into your life.

$444 · 1 hour

Ancient Light Healing

Trauma release and gift activation to get you unstuck and understanding the inner you better. Learn the depths of your gifts where the pun started and release it to start living in your power.

$97 · 1 hour

Past Life Regression

Release the karmic patterns that you have from generational. Break patterns or fears that you may be carrying on from a past life. In this session, we walk you through and you recall your old memories.

$250 · 2 hours

Raise Vibe Heal Session

Okay you've been going through it and want a break from all the negative ish! Ancient light healing will break the cords, find where its stemming from and start healing you from the past trauma, difficult relationships, bad juju and more. This will free you from the self-sabotaging thoughts and give you a step to divine guidance. You will feel connected and at peace after the session.

$174 · 2 hours

Energetic Match 1:1 Ongoing

**For Ongoing Healing sessions only.** This books for the 1 hour sessions that may be done via Distant (phone) or In Person.

Price Varies · 1 hour


Keshia Martin