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Welcome! Below is general booking info. Any questions? Text me 773-800-0528

Short & Simple:

- Please book online ur card (will not be charged unless for cancellation fee) & pay in full w/CASH only. No ATM here so please stop before your appt 😊
- Cancellation fee is $20 for no call/no shows only. Please cancel at least 24 hrs prior. If you are running more than 15 minutes late, just let me know!
- You can change or cancel your appt online if needed at anytime. Or text me.
- Deposits are non-refundable (if needed)
- No guests unless being serviced space is limited & no children allowed for safety purposes.
- Free lot & street parking.
- Located in Hair Therapy Salon
-If any dissatisfaction with services, please contact me within 7 days of your style. No refunds for styles at all, but will be happy to help with something else.
Any questions about your hair & or scalp? I am a licensed cosmetologist I can help. Please book a consultation!

I look forward to meeting you!
10:00 AM - 6:30 PM
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Our Services

Add-On βž• End Trim
$10 as an add-on service done after hair is clean and blown out. Less than an inch is taken off of dead hair. If more is needed it is considered a haircut at which a consultation will take place before cutting.
Quickweave (Pronto)
Basic Shampoo & Condition Blowdry and Braid down Cap(s) included Tracks glued flat; small leave out will be blended Bring your hair 2 packs or 3 bundles. Pack hair - must say 100% human hair. Recommend Dreamweaver, Any Outre, Keratin Live, etc.
Quickweave (Bob/Blunt Cut)
*Please send a picture first so i can have an idea of what you want* text 773-800-0528 Basic shampoo, condition, braid down or mold for short hair. Bring 2 packs of 100% human hair 10-12” depending on bob or blunt cut. I include the caps.
Shampoo & Style
Quick cleansing shampoo and condition service then heat protected blown out & pressed. Keep it silky straight or curled. *If you are recommended to get an end trim or haircut for hair health please be prepared for an upcharge.*
Sew-In (Traditional)
Includes shampoo service & braid down flat & neat net included w/ small leaveout & loose curls or straightening. Please bring 3-4 bundles of hair or 2-3 packs of 100% human hair.
Silk Press
- Hydrating deep cleanse shampoo service with deep conditioning service included -Silk press & style (includes bone straight hair or curls) -End trim included if needed If you regularly get this style as a natural, your curl integrity will break down over time especially without treatments & regular end trims!
Faux Locs - Hair Included
* comes with optional shampoo service * please come with hair clean, blown out free of oils & product if choosing to come washed already. πŸ’†πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ Hair provided : Jamaican Twist Marley Hair & Deep Twist Crochet Hair Text a pic of the look you want so I can know what colors to have for you 😊 $175 β€” short to midback length $225β€” lower back to butt length $275 - Past Butt Length- knee length + $25 add-on
Faux Locs - Bring Your Hair
If you want to save 30 minutes * Please come shampooed & blown out * Otherwise Shampoo & blowout comes with service, just please come with it combed out so we can go directly to the bowl. Choose your parts (Free parts, box, or triangle parts.) $125 for shoulder length - mid back $150 for lower back - butt length $175 for hip length (anything past add-on +$25) Not sure the length? Send me a picture of the look you want. Text me 773-800-0528 for a phone consultation.
Goddess Locs - Hair Included
Please send a picture so i know what curl to provide. Shampoo is included! But if you want to save time, come shampooed & blown out hair free of oils. Must send $25 deposit to cash app $beprettybyshae In the event of cancellation, deposit covers fee.πŸ‘πŸΎ Pricing πŸŽ€ $190 β€” shoulder length - midback length $225 β€” lowerback to butt length $260 β€” butt length to knee length
Goddess Locs β€” Bring Your Own Hair
Shampoo included but if you want to save time feel free to come shampooed blown out & free of oils. 😊 $150 β€” shoulder length to midback $175 β€” lower back to butt length $225 β€” butt length to knee length + $25 add on
Add-On βž• Rinse
Add an undertone color on dark hair or pop on color on bright blond hair. Text me first so I can make sure I have your color or you can bring 2 bottles Semi-Permanent color minimum. For blonde bundles $30 for 3 bundles.
Add-On βž• Curls or Crimps
Full head of tighter curls, wand curls, or crimps onto weave styles. 😟Crimps not available at this time (waiting on my new iron 😏)
Box Braids
Incl. Shampoo & Condition (optional) You can come clean but must be blown out free of heavy oils. Choose parts : triangle, box, or free parts Choose sizes : Small sized - $150 Medium sized - $125 Large sized - $100 Xtra Large - $85 Please bring Ruwa Or Any Prestretched Hair. If bringing braid babe its thin you’ll need more hair.
Ponytail β€’ Bangs/Swoop πŸ‘±πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ
Includes Shampoo Service & Hair will be pressed. Pick from : Chinese Bangs Side Bang Swoop Bang Ponytail. Bring 2 packs of human hair 14” minimum length.
Ponytail β€’ Basic Ponytail πŸ§žβ€β™€οΈ
Shampoo included & Hair will be pressed out. Choose from : Middle Part Or Side Part Low/Middle/High (Genie) position Bring one pack of hair based on length of ponytail. For long dramatic ponytails bring 18” hair or longer. For everyday, β€œ12-16 inch hair. Curly or straight.
Add-On βž• Haircut
A hair cut is more than 1 inch of hair. There are several haircuts I can do. Bobs, blunt cut, asymmetrical, etc. Consultation is required!
Quickweave (Circle)
Includes shampoo service, caps, & protective shield for hair. Circle quickweave no part. Best for bangs or no part styles. For what hair to bring, 100% human hair at least 2 packs.
Sew-In (Closure)
Includes Shampoo Service, neat braid down with net included. Closure sewn on. Glue method available must consult first. Includes knot bleached & part plucked.
Lashes - Individual Clusters
Small, Medium, Mix, or Long Flare lashes provided & applied w/ latex based glue. Lasts anywhere from one day to three weeks. Depends on your lifestyle. These are not lash extensions, these are temps. My Tips πŸ’• Try to avoid steamy & hot moist environments. Try to avoid dunking your face in water. Try to avoid sleeping on your face.🀣
Eyebrow Wax or Arch & Fill
Need your eyebrows waxed? Brows trimmed, waxed or arched and filled.
Facial Wax
Chin wax Cheek wax Or lip wax per area
Add-On βž• Deep Conditioning Treatment
Is your hair dry? Is it shedding? Or has it been at least two weeks since you’ve deep conditioned? Add to conditioning part of your service a hair mask is added to your hair to treat and prevent issues in your hair such as moisture retention & you will go under the dryer for 20 minutes.
Chemical Service - Relaxer - Touch Up
Touch Up Relaxer applied to new growth only which I recommend once a season. This is also the time to get an end trim & deep condition or oil treatment! I currently use Vitale Professional Line. This price is for relaxer application, plus basic shampoo & style. Are you ready to have healthy growing hair that’s relaxed? Book.
Chemical Service - Relaxer
Full relaxer for hair that is changing from Natural or Virgin hair to chemically relaxed. Can be altered to tex/lax which is a softer chemical relaxing technique that doesn’t leave you bone straight. Requires consultation Includes shampoo & basic style. This is the best time to add on a deep conditioner or end trim!
Add-On βž• Grey Coverage
Want temporary grey coverage? Lasts 6-10 weeks. Demi-permanent grey coverage. Not guaranteed coverage for stubborn greys. But easier to blend. Outer perimeter greys & leaveout - $20 Front Half - $25 Whole Head $35
Chemical Service - Relaxer - Edges Only
Everyone’s hair cannot take this. This is specifically to edges only and at the end to leave out to loosen curl patterns. This is for my straight naturals who keep up with deep conditions. Consultation!
Add-On βž• Hot Oil Treatment
To address scalp issues such as flaking, dryness, tightness add this treatment. Oil is applied directly to scalp with plastic cap to trap heat & moisture to pentrate the scalp. Helps with hair growth due to scalp maintenance.
Chemical Service - Color - Single Process
For Virgin Hair - Requires 48 hour patch test book consultation by texting me. Single permanent dye hair color. Lasts until hair grows out. Style not included this is added to a shampoo & styles basic pricing $40.
Chemical Service - Color - Double Process
Usually requires old color removal or color removal to Blonde then new color added. Will not be done on relaxed clients.
❗️JUNE SPECIAL πŸ’• Faux Locs
-Must come shampooed & blown out. Free of oils. I have oil or you can bring your fave. -Hair is provided so please specify your color -Triangle or Square Parts Only -Please send $30 deposit via cash app to $beprettybyshae at least 24 hrs before appt. If appointment is cancelled for any reason after deposit is sent; this is a non-refundable charge. - Hair Included please specify color. Can be up to 2 colors. -The remaining balance of $130 shall be paid in cash. Please bring exact change. No ATM on site. -Goddess Locs or Faux Locs please specify. This is for one length at this price.
Quickweave (Closure)
- Includes Shampoo Service & Neat Braid down - Protective Shield & Cap or 2 Caps to protect from glue (included) Must bring 4x4 lace closure or larger sizes 5x5 or 6x6. I can customize at your request.
Sew-In (Partial)
A few or half head of tracks sewn in for volume, length, or fullness.
Spring Twists
*shampoo service is included but optional* Either way please come combed out/detangled so we can jump into it! 😊 Choose your parts. Order your hair & book Spring Twists are a great protective style. 1 Free touch-up within 7 days.
Passion Twists (Bring your own hair)
*shampoo service is included but optional* Either way please come combed out/detangled so we can jump into it! 😊 Choose your parts. Order your hair & book Spring Twists are a great protective style add on an End Trim!. 1 Free touch-up within 7 days
Add-On Butt Length (Braids, Locs)
Extend your style to butt length
Touch-Up - Passion or Spring Twists
Fix twists that have slipped and edges. Includes front two rows Must bring own hair
Touch-Up - Faux/Goddess Locs
Must bring hair Repairs locs & redo the first two rows plus edges
Touch-Up - Box Braids
A redo of the first two rows of braids & edges. Please bring your own hair. 😊
Lashes - Strip Application
Lash line is cleaned & strip is applied. Strips are available for purchase or can bring them. Strips for purchase are 1/$10 2/$20 3/$25

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