Antidote Wellness Therapies

We are a Wellness Clinic specializing in promoting health in the body through Colon Hydrotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Nutrition Services and Lymphatic Cleansing. We also offer Aesthetic Services through Lynn DeMein and Massage Therapy through Becca from Healing Waters Massage.
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Our Services

Initial Consultation and Colonic
If you have never had a colonic before with us, we need to start with this session. This includes the therapist reviewing your medical history, providing you with information on anatomy of the colon, digestion tips, the microbiome and our sterilization procedures. We then we perform a colonic. NOTE: The colonic is part of this price.
Rezenerate with Angela
A Colon Hydrotherapy session utilizing the Woods Gravity Method. Water Ebbs and Flows from the colon washing out old debris, mucous and impacted fecal matter. Plan on an hour of time from walking in the door to walking out.
Colonic and Coffee Enema
Receive a colonic first to remove debris, this will enable the coffee enema to work more efficiently for an optimum liver cleanse.
Colonic and Implant
You will first receive a full colonic, after the colonic we will insert into the colon a mixture of our Exclusive Quintestinal Probiotics, Prebiotic Foods and a dose of L-Glutamine for the health of the colon. Please Note- it is the therapists discretion if the procedure can be preformed. Some people are not eligible.
Foot Detox
60 min Massage
90 minute Massage
120 min Massage
Body Wrap 75 min
Body Wrap 100 Min
Aesthetics Consult with Lynn
$25 apply to services
AFT with Lynn
Rezenerate With Lynn
Injectable BTX with Lynn
Injectable - Filler with Lynn
Threads with Lynn
Veins with Lynn
Celluma Add On
Celluma Individual
Celluma 6 package series
FIT Test
Nutritional Therapy Single Consult
Introductory appointment to explore how Nutritional Therapy may benefit you.
Nutritional Therapy Nutritional Recommendation Package
One visit includes complete nutritional and lifestyle assessment and nutritional/lifestyle recommendations
Nutritional Therapy Nutritional Recommendations Package
6 visits including nutritional/lifestyle recommendations assessment and recommendations. Optional Functional evaluation/lingual neuro testing to determine what nutrients the body needs. (Additional fee) Foundational healing education.
Nutritional Therapy Food Sensitvity Testing
Food Sensitivity Testing is an important first step in improving digestion and overall wellbeing. Our state of the art Food Intolerance test (FIT) tests for 132 foods, additives and dyes and tests both IGG & Immune Complex making it one of the most sensitive and accurate tests available. Simple finger stick blood test.
Nutritional Therapy Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) measures the mineral content of your hair providing an exclusive look into your body detecting mineral imbalances. HTMA helps determine which nutrients are most supportive. Includes interpretation and recommendations. A small sampling of hair is required for this test.
Nutritional Therapy Detoxification Program
A complete bio-detoxification program that really works. This 28 day program is designed to support detoxification pathways and digestion so you may achieve a successful cleanse and reap the benefits.
Spring Cleaning Special
120 min massage
Ahh Relaxation with 90 Min Massage
To be determined

Our Staff

Colonic Appointments
Please see our website for specific staff members. We all strive to take care of our clients 110%!
Lynn DeMien
Massage Therapy
Massage with Becca