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Starting January 1st, 2020, I will be implementing a Price Revision for my services. I am doing this so that I can spend the perfect amount of time with each client to focus on your unique needs. I also hope to make appointments more available to you as my clients so that you can get the dates you prefer.
It is imperative to review each service that may apply to you as these prices are implemented for very specific reasons that bring a direct benefit to each service. I seek out the highest quality products to reach specific goals set for each client (some of which I have to travel to the mainland to obtain!). Each color service includes necessary treatments for optimal hair strength, a pH balanced glaze to revitalize shine and seal each strands cuticle, and is finished with a customized blow out. This is in addition to the time and investment I have dedicated to my education imperative to thrive in my craft.
I thank you as I value each relationship that has been built and value the trust, loyalty, & support.
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Please include objective of consultation in notes.
Toner/ Glaze
Ph balancing & conditioner toner. Perfects tones, diminishing brassiness & enhancing wanted tones. Wash & blow dry included. Please note: Toner processing time has extended to adjust for new technology/ use. Toners now have extended longevity and are not required as often. Price has been adjusted for time and product usage.
All Over Color (No Grey Coverage/ Lift)
Ph balancing glaze revitalizes or darkens color that has faded from UV exposure, heat tools, & normal wear. Olaplex treatment included to repair bonds broken to the same culprits. Single color. Wash & blow dry included. Not intended for grey coverage nor lifting current color to a lighter color. To cover grey select Grey Coverage + Glaze For an all over lightening service without highlights select Color Correction (consult prior to service suggested)
Gray Coverage Root Retouch + Glaze
Gray coverage on new growth, Ph balacing glaze revitalizes color to the remainder of the hair that has faded from UV exposure, heat tools, & normal wear. Olaplex treatment included to repair bonds broken to the same culprits. Single color. Wash & blow dry included. (without refresh $100) Additional colors/ bowls $30+
Platinum Retouch
Root touch up for high lift blonds that have already achieved the desired level of blond in a previous service. No more than 6 weeks for a 'retouch' otherwise a color correction is to be booked. NO EXCEPTIONS. Toner & blow dry included.
Face Framing Highlights
6-10 foils lightening around the face only. Simple retouch for a balayage or highlights. Brightens up around the face to keep color looking fresh. Olaplex, toner, wash & blow dry included.
Accent Highlight
10- 20 foils fashioned to add color or minimal lightness to specific areas. Can be utilized as a touch up on your parting in addition to face framing or something funky! Olaplex, toner, wash, & blow dry included.
Partial Highlights
20- 40 foils surrounding the face and through the part covering entire top & front half of head. Perfect for maintenance between full foils or contrast with depth. Olaplex, toner, wash & blow dry included.
Full Highlight
40- 80 foils covering the entire head. Most effective shift in color often results in keeping your base color as a low light. Olaplex, toner, wash & blow dry included
Supreme Highlight
80- 1,000 foils to make a complete shift in color with minimal base color exposed. Olaplex, toner, wash & blow dry included.
Babylights/ Balayage/ Lived in Color
Detailed lightening service to create a low maintenance dimensional color. Babylights, Balayage, Ombre are examples of words used to describe this service. Must include minimum of three inspiration pictures to discuss during an in depth consultation, consultation suggested before day of service. Service is priced 100/hour, a minimum of three hours needed for process. Olaplex treatment is included as well as the highest quality products on the market to ensure hairs integrity and results to fit your hairs ultimate potential.
Color correction
Correction services are priced at $100/ hour, starting at three hours. Indepth consultation to determine projected length of service before start. If you are unsure of what this process may entail please book a consultation prior to service.
Womans Haircut
Woman's hair cut Wash & blow dry included
Blow Out
Wash & styled blow dry. Heat tool styling extra $15.
Undercut Design
Personalized conditioning &/or wellness treatments to nourish dry/ dull hair, invigorate scalp, addressing general or specific issues. Options include protein, nourishing, repairing, scalp wellness, swimmers clarifying, etc. Blow dry included.
Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment
Repairing bonds to strengthen and add shine & integrity to your hair.
Express Brazilian Blow Out
All the benefits of a Brazilian Blow Out in half the time! Lock in color, defrizz, hydrate, & cut down on styling time. If you have been wondering if a Brazilian Blow Out is right for you, the Express service lasts 4 weeks so is perfect for a giving it a spin. Service can be added or chosen as a stand alone treatment.
Brazilian Blowout
Smoothing treatment with fortifying amino acids. Minimizing frizz, improving manageability, nourishing each strand, while ensuring effortless styling.
Extension Application
Extension installation and maintenance. $80 per row/ per bag. Removal included with application service. Maintenance is required every 6-8 weeks MAX. Consultation required before initial application appointment.
Extension removal
Taking some down time from extension. NOT NECESSARY TO BOOK IF YOU HAVE BOOKED AN EXTENSION APPLICATION! Removal of extensions Does not include wash and blow dry, please book Blow Out in addition if seeking this service.
Paraffin Hand Treatment (Add On Only)
Add on to any service to relax laying back nourishing from hair to hands!
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