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Barn Showing

Tour the barn and learn more about amenities, rates, and ask questions. Your tour will be lead by a staff person and will begin in the Alexander Majors Barn gift shop. Park in the parking lot (entrance on State Line Road) and follow the brick path up to the Gift Shop entrance. Barn showing appointments have a 15-minute grace period for late arrivals, but if you think you'll be delayed give us a call!

Free · 30 minutes

Contract Signing & Deposit

Select this option if you are scheduling a time to sign your agreement and pay your deposit! (Please make all appointments in the name of the person who will be signing the agreement.) **To ensure that your contract is ready at the time of your appointment, please contact the rental coordinator at to finalize the details of your booking.**

Free · 30 minutes

Venue Visit

Select this option if you have already booked a date and want to use one of your three free planning visits to the Barn! **Please do not select this option unless you have an existing rental booking; for showings, select "Barn Showing." Venue Visits scheduled by individuals who have not booked a rental are subject to cancellation.**

Free · 30 minutes


Alexander Majors Barn