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One-on-One Private Coaching Session

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Addictions, Suicide, How to Regulate Emotions, Calming the Nervous System, Healing the Inner Child, Unhealthy Eating habits, Harmful Coping Mechanisms

$120.00 · 1 hour

How To Love Yourself Training

1.- Why we do not love Ourselves 2.-How To Learn To Love Ourselves 3.- Loving Yourself with NeuroLinguistic Programming 4.- The 5 Pillars to love yourself 5.- Loving yourself in AutoPilot 6.- Affirmations and Exercises to Learn to Love Yourself

$250 · 2 hours

Volunteer Management Training

This training includes: 1.- How to Hire Volunteers that will stay committed 2.- Keeping your volunteers engaged during Covid-19 3.- How to create effective and productive systems 4.- Community Engagement 5.- Online Fundraising ideas 6.- Recognizing volunteers amid a pandemic 7.- Risk Management and Liability: Volunteer safety, virtual volunteering, screening volunteers in a virtual environment, accessing in person and virtual volunteer opportunities in response to covid 19

$500 · 3 hours

First Responders Trauma Training for Organizations

This training includes: 1.-The Impact of Trauma in the Four Pillars of Well being. 2.-How to Calm the Nervous System. 3.-The Trauma Roller coaster 4.- How to Regulate our emotions. 5.-How Trauma Affects Behavior. 6.-Active Listening: Non Verbal and Verbal Communication. 7.-Validate, Normalize, Do not Blame, etc. 8.-Self Care for First Responders. 9.-Wellness in the Four Pillars. 10.-Limiting Beliefs and How to Challenge them. 11.-Powerful Affirmations 12.-How to Reprogram Old beliefs. 13.-Grounding Techniques. 14.-How to fill the needs of the soul. 15.-Overcoming the Stigma associated with Mental health. 16.-Healthy Boundaries. 17.-Role Playing: A.- Role Playing for Abuse. B.- Role Playing for Suicide.

$500 · 3 hours


Silvia Del Pilar Galvez De Guerra