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Medical OR Sports Massage

This is a clinical massage to relieve pain, muscle tightness and recover from injury for increased mobility and function. Please text OR call 407-864-8337 for questions.

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Medical OR Sports Massage + Acutherapy

Medical OR Sports Massage + non-invasive Acutherapy for pain relief, injury recovery and to control symptoms of stress and other medical conditions.

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Swedish Massage Therapy

Massage therapy designed using lighter pressure for relaxation and stress relief.

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Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage

Chinese manual techniques that include muscle manipulation, joint mobilization, and stretching designed for relief of muscle spasm, joint pain and immobility.

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Pressure points applied to the feet promotes relaxation, pain relief, and improve sleep.

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Members Club Rate

Members Club 1 HR Discounted Rate is $60.00 after paying the recurring charge of Monthly Members Club Fee of $25.00 a month.

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Monthly Members Club Fee + Members Club Rate

Monthly Members Club Fee is $25.00 + Members Club 1 HR Discount Rate is $60.00

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