Neal's Mobile Notary Public

Neal' Mobile Public specializes in professional notarizations of your important documents.
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Our Services

Basic Notary Services- One Notarized Signature
a Jurat or Acknowledgement is authenticated on your document and recorded and stamped with a seal
Appearance Mobile Fee
Meet at your location within 30 miles
Mortgage Loan Document Signing
All signatures and Notarizations are completed up to 125 pages, and 12 notarizations or close to that amount. If more notarizations are required or the loan is more than 125 pages, printing and $10 more required for each additional notarization. Please send documents to Call Steve or Carla for any details , questions or specific requests. If a shipping or mailing label is sent then Carla or Steve will deliver documents the same or next day to FEDEX, UPS or the U.S Postal Service.
Two Notarized Signatures
Two Notarizations on your legal documents such as a Power of Attorney.

Our Staff

Carla Neal