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Adams Air is a family-operated HVAC repair company providing residential and commercial HVAC services in and around Houston, TX. We provide the fast, friendly, and affordable HVAC service, repairs, installations and replacements Houstonians deserve.

Adams Air provides 24 Hour HVAC service and repairs, if you need help scheduling an appointment before or after the hours available on this appointment calendar, feel free to give us a call @ 281-677-2526.

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Our Services

Air Conditioning Service
Having an A/C problem with your home? Adams Air charges a standard fee of $55.00 to travel to your home, diagnose your problem, and figure out what is broken with your A/C system. Schedule an appointment today!
Air Conditioning Tune Up
Is it time to perform maintenance on your HVAC system? Adams Air residential maintenance tune-ups are only $55.00 per HVAC system. We inspect every part of the system to make sure nothing is malfunctioning, we clean the condenser coil on the outside unit, and we treat the A/C systems drains to ensure the system is draining water properly, all for $55.00 per system. Schedule your appointment today!

Our Staff

Carl Adams
Owner, Technician, Fixxer-of-HVAC