Be Sure to Pay Cash for any Services totaling (over 200.00 or more) and receive an 8.5 oz Salontodd Shampoo or Conditioner, Your Choice a (25.00) value!!! Upscale Chic in Downtown Stuart FL, 34994
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I realize that in most cases A GREAT HAIRDRESSER will tell YOU what you need not the other way around so therefore it is best to have an introduction before it's decided upon which services are best for you. The Maintenance for example when going blonde etc. So if you are in doubt please be my guest and let's take a look and have a talk before committing to a course of action.
Ladies Haircut & Style
Luxurious Shampoo & Conditioning, neck massage, Customized Haircut and Blow Dry Styling
Ladies Haircut Only/ Trim No Blow Dry
This service is intended for those who do not blow dry their own hair typically, wash and wear styles. OR AS AN ADD ON “Trim/Haircut” to an existing Color Appointment. If you are not having color with me please arrive with clean hair No gel residue or products Thank You
Retouch Color, Partial Highlights/Glaze, Cut/Trim & Blow Dry Styling
Separately these services total $315.00 When not package together. This is a typical service for someone who is doing maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks root touch up and partial highlight's around the face and such just to brighten up a bit adding dimension + Deep Treatment, and conditioning color glaze to seal the cuticle and add luxurious tone and shine.
Color Root Touch Up and Blow Dry (does not include trim/haircut) Does not include Deep Treatment or Glaze Book Accordingly
1/2 “ to an inch of regrowth. Does not include Mid Lengths or Ends This service does not include a trim/haircut please be sure to add that additional service when booking online thank you
Add Trim/Haircut to Any Color Service
Whether it's a good freshen up or a brand new look it will make you feel like a million bucks!
Add Bang Trim
Add Deep Intensive Treatment
Add on Conditioning Color Gloss Treatment to ANY COLOR SERVICE
Think of this as a top coat, adding yet another layer of protection to the hair cuticle seals and shines imparts additional tonality and luster truly glorious!
(MEGA BLONDE) (does not include trim/haircut) Root Color,Lots and Lots of Highlights, Glaze, Deep Treatment, Blow Dry Style
Everything you need to become MEGA BLONDE! To Achieve such wonders much goes in to it especially if your not naturally a dark blonde to begin with. Even still there are many steps to get there. This is your one stop shop to be blonde from root to end whether achieving an overall Platinum Tonality or Multi Tonal this is the service for you! Root Color, Maximum Highlighting whether in Foiling or Balayage, Deep Treatment and Demi Permanent Conditioning Color Glaze, Your Top Coat! All the Bells and Whistles to achieve and Maintain a Gorgeous Healthy Blonde Hair Color Whether it's your first time or Maintenance This is the Service for you if are Dark and or covering Grey going 4 to 5 shades lighter. don't forget to add Haircut/Trim if you are looking to shape those ends!
Men’s Haircuts
Add Low Light's
Create dimension between old highlights and your new!
Men’ Color Demi Permanent Conditioning Color
Ideal for blending or covering Grey Hair
Full Color/Blow Dry
Whether Permanent or Demi Permanent Color this is root to end, depending on the density, length, and porosity of the hair price may vary from 120-220. color correction requires full saturation and more than one application.
Full Highlight, Glaze, Blow Dry
SALONTODD & COMPANY DOES NOT BLEACH BLACK HAIR BLONDE THANK YOU. Whether it’s Baby lights, Balayage or Foiling technique Includes Demi .permanent conditioning color glaze toner
Partial Highlight, Glaze, Blow Dry
Salontodd and Company does not bleach black hair blonde thank you. Whether it’s Baby lights, Balayage or Foiling technique Includes Demi .permanent conditioning color glaze toner.
Add Curling or Flat Iron Long
Express Root Touch Up Without Blow Dry Styling
Ideal for curly wash and wear or very short hair. Cover that Grey And be on your way!
Add Extra Long Blow Dry
Is Your Hair at or near your waistline please add to your services for additional time. thank you
Add Partial Highlights/Glaze to Color Service
New Client Refinement
Need a couple more Highlights or Lowlights on your beautiful new color we’ve done on you? Or are your bangs are a little too long still? Something else? no problem, go right ahead and book at no extra charge a follow up to do whatever it is that completes your service to your complete satisfaction at no additional charge if within one week of initial service/services performed.
Three Hour Workshop Hairdos and Don’ts
This seminar workshop allots five minutes in the booking software to accommodate up to eight people please pay no attention it is a three hour seminar workshop learning everything a stylus needs to be successful! Learn Everything! You need to succeed as a hairstylist: How to do The perfect consultation, What haircuts and shapes will suit your client best for Thick hair, Fine hair or Curly hair! Learn how to determine which color warm or cool will complement your client best taking out all the guesswork. Deposit required
Extensions per consultation
Color correction per consultation

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