Quadruple Threat

In obtaining my degree in Music Theatre, I had to take on or learn new things to help pay for school. Through out my time in school I have become a mixologist, a photographer, and a bookkeeper. I've grown to love all the tings that I've learn and I want to offer my services.
A picture is worth a thousand words. It reminds us of a special moment in our life as the years go by. When you look at a photo and you arrive to your word... in 10 years you find the same photo. Has your word changed? For years we often looked at art by going to events, art galleries, museums and so on. In some places you would find a drink that went with the occasion. What occasion are you celebrating?

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I am located out Jersey City, NJ .
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Our Services

Standard Photo Booking
2 Hour Session at one location. You will receive 5 photos of your choice within 7 business days. If you would like any of your photo's retouched it will be an additional $30 per photo. Deposit Required All photo's will be emailed or put onto a CD
Dance Shoot
Take all dance pictures that you will treasure. All ideas for this shoot must be talked about and planned before your photo shoot.
Head Shots
Need head shots for your art. Weather your a singer, dancer, actor, painter, bodybuilder and more. I can capture your shots of you in your craft. All details for this shoot must be discuss and finalized before the shoot.
Photo Shoot Negotiated Price
With this option the photo shoot is discussed with the client. Prices are discussed through email. The photographer with ask you details about your photo shoot and will discuss prices with you base on all the information you provide.

Our Staff