My lovely clients, Unfortunately, due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak I am not currently accepting new clients. I will also not be in the office during this time. I am only available through Zoom and phone sessions for my tarot readings + shamanic guidance sessions. Please reach out, and know you are not alone through this entire process. This will be a collective healing experience. Much love, and health xo Kiara

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Corona "Crown" Insight Reading

The Coronavirus has brought for a universal shift, and change on our planet, in our communities, and in ourselves. Corona translates to "crown", if we refer to the chakra systems, the Crown Chakra, is the closest to the divine, it is where we download insight, and higher, deeper understanding and wisdom. This tarot, and psychic reading will help you move through some of your blocks, concerns, fears, and purposes of this journey through this time.

$55 · 45 minutes

Shamanic Guidance Session

We find ourselves in loops, running circles in our own minds on our idea of our self, purpose, reasons, and explanations. When we remove ourselves from the conditioned circle, and look clearly at the situations at hand, we can see Truth. Using a Shamanic Guide you can be assisted through repositioning yourself in a place of empowerment over thought, trauma, and emotional, spiritual, and physical disconnect.

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"The Sparkle" Tarot Spread

Inspired by a magical little light, Tinnley Harmon. Tinnley was divinely placed on this earth for a short amount of time to sparkle. By doing so, she ignited others to do the same. This tarot spread was created to honor her legacy. 75% proceeds go to The Sparkle of Tinnley Foundation. Most people go through their entire life, existing. Not living. What is your fullest potential? Your highest truth? What is your "purpose", and where do you sparkle? "The Sparkle" Tarot Spread will help you deepen your connection with you.

$44 · 30 minutes

Tarot Reading

Using the cards, and intuition your healer will be able to guide, and assist you through whatever it is you are working through: -Love -Finances -Decisions -Spiritual Growth

Starting at $44 · 30 minutes

Kiara Akasha