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Connect & Consult

Connect with me for a free consultation to determine which of my offerings will best serve your needs. *This is a consultation only, not a healing session.*

Free · 15 minutes

Pendulum Workshop

Learn how to connect to your highest level of consciousness, create energetic protection, clear discordant energy, and discern information from your Spirit Guides using a pendulum. This workshop teaches you the basics of dowsing for information, using fan charts, and effective inquiry techniques to assist in expressing your highest potential.

$122 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Awakening Your Intuition

This four-session, weekly series is designed to help you Awaken Your Intuition. We spend an hour each week clearing blocks to your intuitive self, connecting with soul experiences where intuition assisted and was a positive expression, learning to work with the chakra system and the clair (psychic) senses, and includes a guided meditation to meet Spirit Guides and visit your Akashic Record Room. The intention of this series is to activate and ignite your intuition and help you learn the language of your body’s messages, empowering you to trust yourself above and beyond anything else.

$388 · 1 hour

Reiki Gift

Receive a 20-minute Distance Reiki session, which includes chakra balancing and auric cleansing. (This free offering is limited to one per person.)

Free · 30 minutes

Holistic Healing Session

In this session we will access your Akashic Records to discover energetic attachments and programs your soul is carrying. We will explore past lives, heal energies within the records, and incorporate any additional modalities of healing your guides call in, such as Reiki, tarot/oracle, guided meditations or channeled messages.

$108 · 1 hour

Holistic Healing 3 Sessions Series

Three (3) 60-minute Holistic Healing Sessions. Modalities used vary per session and individual's needs.

$288 · 1 hour

Akashic Records Reading

One (1) 30-minute Akashic Records Reading, phone session. This session allows us to open up your Akashic Records and explore a past life, or discover other soul experiences your guides want to share!

$66 · 30 minutes

Akashic Records 3 Readings

3 (Three) Akashic Records Reading sessions.

$188 · 30 minutes

Distance Reiki Healing

Allow yourself to invite calm, relaxation and healing to your body mind and soul with this gentle healing energy. Reiki is known to balance chakras, cleanse auras, and help release energetic attachments that cause imbalances to the mind, body and spirit.

$66 · 45 minutes

SYSF Monthly Membership

Each month the member will receive one 60-minute Holistic Healing session. There is a six month minimum commitment for this membership.

$88 · 1 hour

Akashic Guided Meditation

In this guided meditation, you will access your own Akashic Records to be greeted by your Guides and receive any messages you may need to hear, and see anything in your visual field to help activate your potential.

$66 · 45 minutes

Tarah Bird

Tarah Bird is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Thought Coach, and Practical Meditation Teacher. She has extensive training as Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner and Akashic Records Reader, and is the Co-Host of The Sacred Profane Life Podcast! Her highly intuitive nature allows her to connect directly to Spirit/Source to divine information that helps you access your greatest inner wisdom and healing capabilities. Her mission is to help Set Your Soul Free.