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Full Service Salon & Party Place for Young Ladies Ages 2-15. Services are performed by Appointment Only with Our Online Booking Service. We have Services listed below however, other options are available upon request. Prices are set up according to the length and texture of your child’s hair.
Example: #1 Would be Hair Not Past Shoulders/Not Extremely Thick.
Credit/Debit Card Payments Only After Services Are rendered.
Please feel free to Contact Us With Any Other Questions Or Concerns...

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4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Our Services

Scalp Braids for EAR Length ONLY
Base Price for hair that Do Not Past EARS Shampoo, Condition Clear Beads Included Medium Braid size
Scalp Braids Top of SHOULDER Length
Service for hair That TOUCH Shoulders
2 Strand Twist Shoulder Length
2 Strand twist for hair that touch the top of shoulders Shampoo Deep Conditioning Treatment Included
2 Strand Twist Hair Length Mid Back
Press/Curl MIDDLE of the Back
This is for hair that fall in the middle of the back when straight. Shampoo, Deep Condition and Hair Accessories Included.
Scalp Braids Neck Length Only
Service is for Hair thats Past the EARS Do NOT Touch Shoulders Shampoo, Condition Clear Beads Included Medium Braid Size
Scalp Braid Hair Length MIDDLE Back
Hair Length Middle of the back Shampoo, Condition Clear Beads Included Medium Size Braid
Scalp Braids Add Braiding Hair Neck Length
This service include a Basic Scalp Braid With Braiding Hair Added Length NOT Past neck Price Will Have an Increase According to Braid Style and Thickness of child Hair Please Inquire.
Scalp Braids Add Braiding Hair Shoulder Length
Scalp Braids With braiding Hair Added Shoulder Length Style Shampoo & Condition
Scalp Braids Add Braiding Hair MIDDLE of Back
Scalp Braids braiding Hair added Style Length Mid Back
Triangle or Box Braid Large Size
This service is for Large box or Triangle braid size With Braiding Hair
Feed In Corn-Row Braids to the Back
Feed In Braids to the Back No more Than 6 Braids Total Mid Back Length
2 Strand Twist Ear Length
Service for hair not past the Ear
2 Strand Twist NECK Length Only
For hair length Past the ears do not touch shoulders.
Press/Curl Shoulder Length ONLY
Hair that Fall on Top of Shoulders.
Press/Curl Ear Length ONLY
Hair Length not past ears.
Relaxed Hair Style
This service include a style on relaxed hair If your daughter hair shoulder length and Relaxed book this option we will determine cost once you arrive
Base Price for hair Not past the shoulders If Your Child hair past the Shoulders The Price will Increase According to length.
Virgin Relaxer
Hair that has Never been Processed
Shampoo-Condition-Blow Dry Only
Shampoo Deep Condition Blow dry does not include style up to 3 ponytails Base Price for hair Not Past the Shoulders
Toes Polished
File Buff Polish
Nail Polish
File Buff Polish
Pamper Treat
File, Buff Polish nails Polish Toes Shimmer Makeup
Shimmer Makeup
Shimmer Makeup Lip Gloss, Eye Shadow, Blush

Our Staff

Pressed Pink Staff
The Price listed next to the Style Choice may differ once you arrive. We Charge According to Your Child's Hair Length and Hair Texture. We go up to 5 levels of length and texture. #1 being the base price for hair Not Past the Shoulders or Extremely Thick. Please feel free to Book for that service as we do not offer booking for each level. The level will be determined once you arrive. The prices will Increase in 5$ Increments for Hair length and Texture.

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