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Our Services

Botox: Forehead, Eyes or Crow's Feet - New Client
Target and smooth wrinkles on the forehead, eyes and frown lines to create a more youthful, fresh appearance.
Botox: Forehead, Eyes or Crow's Feet - Returning Client
Target and smooth wrinkles on the forehead, eyes and frown lines to create a more youthful, fresh appearance.
Botox: Masseter De-Plump / TMJ Treatment
Relax the masseter muscle and decrease prominent jaws using Botox. This treatment helps to decrease the size and strength of the masseter muscle and help prevent migraines and teeth grinding while giving the face a slimmed appearance.
Botox: Lip Flippin'
Achieve subtle pout-magnification by flipping out the lip line and rolling the lip gently outward to give the appearance of a fuller pout.
Botox: Too Much Heat / Underarm Sweat
Minimize and control unwanted sweat production in the armpits.
Botox & Filler: Combo Treatment
Book a combo appointment for a face refresh. Botox can be used to reduce fine lines, while filler helps volumize and plump areas like the lips and cheeks.
Lip Filler: East Coast Lips
A natural-looking Plump with subtle results using Juvederm Ultra XC and our soft touch technique
Lip Filler: East Meets West Coast Lips
A subtle Plump with slight volume increase using Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus XC using a combination technique.
Lip Filler: West Coast Lips
A voluminous and noticeable Plump using Juvederm Ultra Plus XC using our lift and fill technique.
Lip Filler: Just A Lil Lip
A subtle half Plump with slight volume increase using Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus XC. Recommended reserved for clients needing a touch up, as this is typically not enough filler for first-time clients.
Lip Filler: Consult & Possible Treatment
Lip filler consultation with possible treatment same day. Full evaluation to determine best lip filler for you. This appointment has a 24-hr notice for cancellation with $75 fee charged for late cancels.
Filler: Gettin' Cheeky
Amplify cheekbones with subtle contouring and definition added lift using Juvederm Voluma XC.
Filler: InstaReady Cheeks
Our Gettin’ Cheeky and then some. More voluminous, model-esque cheek definition and lift using 2 ccs of filler.
Filler: 3-Point Jaw Pop
Enhance and define the jaw line with Juvederm filler injections. This treatment helps to target sagging skin to create a more youthful appearance.
Filler: Smile Line Softener
Subtle softening to smile / laugh lines to reduce the signs of premature aging using Juve Ultra, Plus and Vollure.
Filler: Tired Eyes Dark Circle Treatment
Minimize dark, sunken and baggy under eyes using Hyaluronic acid sugar-based filler and our targeted technique.
Skin: Collagen Plumping Microneedling
Controlled micro-punctures to the skin that encourage the body to go into “healing” mode and jumpstart collagen and elastin production. Translation? Over the next 4-6 weeks, the body will be producing more of the stuff that makes your skin beautiful. It can also help with acne marks, scar reduction, stretch mark reduction, skin tightening/wrinkles and pigment reduction. Packages available for purchase.
Skin: Collagen Plumping Microneedling w. PRP
This treatment uses your OWN plasma's growth factor. We take them out of your blood and stimulate them under laboratory conditions so that they are put into "hyper-drive" allowing us to use them on your face/body. Once stimulated these growth factors can help stimulate hair regrowth, collagen regrowth/plumping, and more. The attack dormant cells and wake them up! On-top of this we use our micro-needling to further stimulate collagen.
Skin: Get Glow HydraFacial
Customized treatment that removes dead skin and extracts impurities while hydrating and moisturizing with specialized serums Packages available for purchase.
Skin: AquaGold Skin Therapy
Patented non-invasive treatment for fast, no downtime results. Results include smaller pores, brighter tone, extra hydration, reduced fine lines and general skin joie de vivre.
Skin: Peels (VIPeel, Illuminize Peel, Vitalize Peel)
General Consultation
Book time to speak with an expert injector before you finalize your first treatment. You'll discuss desired results to determine the best options and products for your face. Our consult fee is $75, which will be applied to your treatment if you move forward with service the same day; injectable treatment pricing starts at $240 and up, depending on which treatment and product is right for you.
General: Group Treatment (2-3 People)
Group treatments can include Botox, filler and skin therapy treatments. There is a $200 cancellation fee if canceled less than 24hrs before appointment time.
Other: Kybella (Fat Dissolving) Treatment for double chin and Jaw Defining
This is used in the double chin area underneath the chin. The fat permanently dissolves. This usually requires 2 sessions!
Other: PRP Hair Restoration
A special technique that uses your own growth factors from your blood to stimulate new hair growth. Great for men and women as well!

Our Staff

Beauty Expert Emmy PA-C
Emmy is a master in the art of injections who specializes in facial injectables as well as skin care routines. When she's not working at Plump, Emmy is saving lives as a physician’s assistant in the emergency department at Lenox Hill Hospital.
Beauty Expert Rebecca MS-NP-C
Rebecca “Becky” was one of the first to join Dr. B at Plump and she’s been making our clients smile since day one. Trained as a nurse practitioner, Becky found her way to cosmetics after she started seeing the impact the treatments had on her skin. She loved how she felt and wanted to share the joy with others. Becky specializes in Botox, lip fillers, cheek fillers and laugh lines.
Beauty Expert Samantha RN-C
Samantha, also known as “The Botox Babe” received her certification from the Esthetic Skin Institute followed by a Fellowship with Dr. Blinski. As her nickname suggests, Sam is a Botox expert who takes pride in helping clients feel refreshed and youthful. She’s recently trained in our new HydraFacial treatment as well as other cosmetic refining procedures such as peels and microneedling.
Kelsey Tidland NP-C
Kelsey completed fellowships in both dermatologic and aesthetic medicine during her training as a nurse practitioner. She considers herself to be a skin care aficionado, working with clients to understand the best treatments and products to make their skin glow. At Plump, she specializes in microneedling, peels and minimally invasive injectables."
Pamela Liggett PA-C
Pamela was traditionally trained as a physician’s assistant in the interventional radiology department, aiding her partners in life-saving procedures. Since joining team Plump, Pam has been able to put her meticulous needle skills to work on a different cause -- you! Pam loves that she holds the power to reverse the signs of aging while making her clients look and feel their best.