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Free · 30 minutes

Air Filter

12 air filter Carrier

Free · 30 minutes


Service provided by a local pro who will inspect all parts and levels. lubricate all moving parts, clean evaporator coil, flush condensate drain and provide a final report.

1 hour

Service Call

A service pro will come to your home to diagnose your Air Conditioner problem.

1 hour


A service provided by a local pro who will remove existing thermostat, install 1 new thermostat and test for proper function. (Thermostat not included.)

1 hour


HVAC technicians recommend maintenance at least once or twice each year to ensure that your central air conditioner operates at peak energy efficiency and is ready to cool your house during the months you need it most. The most important time to have your central air conditioner serviced is in the spring, ahead of the warm summer months in which your central air conditioning will be used most often.