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Tattoo Removal (Any Color)

Laser Tattoo Removal using our Quanta Evo Q Plus C laser and cooling zimmer for comfort. Pricing is solely dependent on size of the tattoo with the clinic minimum being $59.99 per session. Tattoos under the size of a dollar bill are usually about $99/treatment. Most tattoos require multiple treatments to complete a removal.

Starting at $59.99 · 30 minutes

Tiny tattoo removal any color

Small 2x2 inch (half dollar or smaller) Tattoo Removal. Black ink needs treated in initial session. Ring or one finger tattoo applies. Treatment number will vary.

$59.99 · 30 minutes

1 hour Laser Tattoo Removal with cooling zimmer

"All-you-can-treat" service, tattoo removal can be uncomfortable so this puts the treatment option in your hands to accomplish as much (or as little) as you want in one time frame and one flat price. Great way to save money on multiple tattoos or large tattoos. Black, grey, and color ink are options with this plan. Multiple treatments are usually needed for most tattoos.

$249.99 · 1 hour

Laser Photo Facial (Laser Genesis)

A state of the art therapeutic facial performed by our Quanta Q-Plus C Evo. This is not an IPL facial but an actual laser procedure that rejuvenates the vitality in your skin and restores harmonious tone. The Laser gently resurfaces skin so you leave the appointment with softer and smoother skin. 3 treatments over three weeks are recommended for optimal initial results then annually or as needed/desired.

$64.99 · 30 minutes

IPL Laser Facial

IPL photorejuvenation can treat a wide variety of skin problems. It can be used to remove brown spots/freckles/sunspots or diffuse redness and can help with acne or vascular discoloration. IPL treatments can also help to smooth uneven skin texture, reduce appearance of large pores, and eliminate wrinkles by stimulating collagen growth. Ultrasound gel for cooling and alcohol are the only chemicals used for this treatment. $125 is for face above jawline; $25 extra for neck area above collarbone.

$125 · 45 minutes

Brown Spot laser pigment removal (YAG Laser treatment)

532 YAG laser removal treatment sun spot areas. Treat up to 10 spots on the hands, face, or neck with this state-of-the-art 30-minute procedure. $99.99 for total cost of initial treatment, some people need more than one treatment.

$99.99 · 30 minutes

Complete Facial Hair Treatment

IPL hair reduction treatment for unwanted facial hair. Select this option if you need treated on two or more of the following areas: sideburns, cheeks, lips, chin, front of neck, and/or jawline. Pay as you go or ask about current prepayment discount offers.

$59.99 · 30 minutes

Small Facial Hair Area IPL Reduction

One small area of hair removal, small areas include upper lip, chin, cheeks, etc. Use the ‘Complete Facial Hair Treatment’ if you need more than one area treated on your face.

$34.99 · 30 minutes

Lower Leg Hair Reduction

Knees to toes, IPL hair removal, both legs

$129.99 · 1 hour

Upper leg / thighs IPL hair reduction

Hair reduction treatment above the knees. No Brazilian or Bikini Area Reduction currently offered at this facility.

$139.99 · 1 hour

Underarm Hair Removal

One session of IPL hair reduction treatment for both underarm / arm pit area. Prepay for 3 appointments in advance for a discounted.

$59.99 · 30 minutes

Forearm Hair Removal

$69.99 Cost per treatment. This treatment covers hair removal from elbows to wrist. Price includes treatment on both arms.

$69.99 · 30 minutes

Full Front Torso IPL Hair Removal

IPL hair reduction for a frontal torso area, pecs, chest and abdomen. (shoulder caps and arms are not included in this pricing)

$139.99 · 45 minutes

Full Back Torso IPL Hair Removal

Entire back torso treatment. (shoulder caps, arms, and buttocks are not included in this price)

$139.99 · 45 minutes

IPL Hair Removal Large Area

Laser hair removal for a large area. Cooling zimmer fan included in treatment.

Starting at $139.99 · 45 minutes

Hand Hair Removal

Treatment to remove unwanted hair from hands and fingers. Price includes treatment on both hands.

$44.99 · 30 minutes

Complete arm IPL Hair Removal

IPL hair reduction for both arms from shoulder to wrist.

$109.99 · 45 minutes

Shoulder caps IPL Hair Removal

Reduce hair on tops of shoulders using our Quanta Twain IPL system.

$59.99 · 30 minutes

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