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Wedding Floral Discovery Call

Let's schedule a chat so I can get more specific details about your wedding and see if my design and floral services are a good fit for you.

Free · 20 minutes

Coaching & Mentoring Call

We all face challenges in life that we need guidance to overcome and resolve. I'm here to guide and support you with proven techniques, tools and resources that will help you discover what's keeping you from living your best life. I'll help you develop an action plan that you can stick to and get to the other side.

Free · 20 minutes

FLSM Research Interview

The research interview will consist of a video interview with you and your husband to learn how you navigate communication, particularly over important issues in your marriage.

Free · 30 minutes

Wedding Discovery Call

Planning a wedding involves setting a realistic budget, coordinating tasks and logistics and incorporating beautiful design and decor. Let's chat and see if I'd be a good fit to partner with you on creating your special day.

Free · 20 minutes

Client On-boarding

Introduction and walk through of Asana.

30 minutes

Blog Interview

This appointment is to get specific details and clarification for your blog feature. This appointment should take about 20 minutes.

Free · 20 minutes

Finding Love

Let's chat and find out what's blocking you from finding your true love.

20 minutes


Shaunette Mays