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Skin Clinic specializes in Brazilian Waxing, Spray Tanning, & Anti-Aging/ non-invasive Skin Care Services
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Our Services

Full Arm Wax
Half Arm Wax
Shoulder Wax- quarter arm wax
Back Wax
Includes top of shoulders
Half back wax
Lower Back Wax / Back Patch
This covers about 1/4 of the back - area specific
Beard Trim/ Facial Hair Trimming
Bikini Wax (FEMALE) -
Bikini Wax (MALE)
Brazilian Wax (FEMALE)
Brazilian Wax (MALE)
Full Butt Wax (FEMALE)
Full Butt Wax (MALE)
Buttocks Wax Add-On (FEMALE)
When added on to a Brazilian Wax
Full Buttocks - Add On (MALE)
When added onto a Brazilian wax
Buttocks Strip
Just the center / between butt cheeks
Groupon - Brazilian Wax Special
Please choose the service if you have already purchased a Groupon. Your service may be booked with Blair or Gina. The amount listed on the price is the 7% sales tax that is not included with your Groupon
Groupon Brazilian Wax AND Vajazzle Special
Please book this service if you have purchased a Groupon for a Brazilian wax and the vajazzle. The amount listed below is the 7% sales tax that is not included with your Groupon. The services are able to be booked with Blair or Gina only
Cancellation List
Please list in the comments what service(s) you’d like to have done and what timeframe you need
Chest Wax (MALE)
Chest Wax (Female)
Includes aereolas (nipples)
Chin Wax
Chin Wax - Happy Hour
Available weekdays 1-4pm.
Dermaplane Treatment- 30 min
Including cleansing, toning, dermaplaning, Oxygen mask, a calming gel and moisturizer with spf
Dermaplaning Facial - 60 Min.
Combines dermaplaning skin exfoliation with an Environ facial. Experience smoothe skin and enhance your makeup application with this facial treat.
DF Deluxe Treatment- with Environ Facial 75 min
Our best anti-aging & corrective non-invasive skin care treatment. Combines sonophoresis (sound waves ) with iontophoresis (galvanic current ) to tighten, lift, and enhance vitamin penetration! Recommended in. Series of 4-6 for optimum results (then maintain as needed )
DF Treatment- with mini facial 45 min
Ear Wax
Ear Wax - Happy Hour
Available weekdays 1-4pm.
Eyebrow Henna
By Elleebana- Brow Tint that lasts up to 6 weeks, and a skin stain is applied to match your brow color. The skin stain gives you filled in brows for about 1 week. Recommend for photos, vacations, weddings or special events. Also a great way to try out the look of permanent makeup.
Red Carpet Brow Design
Includes eyebrow shaping with waxing, eyebrow tinting, and fill-in
Eyebrow Tint
Tint lasts for 2-3 weeks
Eyebrow - Shaping & Wax
Eyebrow Wax Clean-Up
Eyebrow Wax Clean-Up - Men’s Brows
No shaping is done! Only cleaning of existing shape!
Threading- Eyebrows
Eyelash Lift (Elleebana)
Semi permanent lash lift - curls, lifts, & lengthens lashes for up to 2 months! We highly recommend booking an eyelash tint as well with this service.
Eyelash Tint
Tint lasts 2-3 weeks
Eyelash Tint (with another service)
Eyebrow Cleanup - Happy Hour
Available weekdays 1-4pm
Eyelash and Brow Tint - Happy Hour
Available weekdays 1-4pm.
Eyebrow Tint - Happy Hour
Available weekdays 1-4pm.
Eyelash Tint - Happy Hour
Available weekdays 1-4pm.
Eyelash Extensions Removal
False Eyelashes (strip)
Choose from our collection of strip lashes to complete any look! Available as a stand alone service or with makeup applications
False Eyelashes (individual)
Clump lashes that last 1-2 days
Full Face Wax - Includes eyebrows
Face Wax - add on
When adding to another service
Fingers or Toes waxing
Includes hands or feet
Back Facial
Tackle breakouts on your back - we include a light chemical peel too to stop breakouts!
Executive Facial - 120 minutes
Combining Environ Custom Rx Facial, Environ Cool Peel, ProCell Microchanneling, Environ DF 2 Ionzyme Machine (using both Sonophoresis and Iontophoresis), and Lightwave LED light therapy
Facial 1hr - Rx Environ Clinical Treatment
Customized with Environ medical skin care this one hour facial will include whatever your skin needs! Deep skin cleansing with aromatic steam and hot towels, exfoliation with light chemical peel, extractions, pH balancing, intensive treatment of choice (high-frequency, led light therapy, microcurrent, ultrasonic skin scrubber, jade rolling, guasha massage, vitamin infusion, collagen induction therapy, or sonophoresis), and vitamin A&C treatment. Also includes an arm & hand massage, foot massage, face, neck, shoulder and scalp massage along with a specialty (upgraded) face mask along with eye treatment, lip treatment, moisturizer and spf. This is the facial you’ve been waiting for!
Renewing Hour Facial - 60 min
This customized facial treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliating, steam, extraction if desired, one service enhancement of your choice, a treatment mask, facial serum and moisturizing treatments with spf. We also include neck and shoulder massage along with hand and arm massage.
45 Min. Organic facial - 1st Time/maintenance(within 6weeks)
Pumpkin Stem-Cell Peel - 45 min.
With a brightening facial. ☺️ Hot towels,🍍Pineapple Enzyme cleansers, sugar scrubs & steam 🌬start off this treatment to prep your skin. ❌Extractions can be done if you’d like. Next the 🎃pumpkin enzyme peel 🧡is applied while you receive a peppermint scalp massage. 🧖🏼‍♀️-we apply Red LED light 🥰to heal and hydrate skin. 🍎An apple stem-cell mask is mixed with a pumpkin hydration mask to repair damage and brighten skin. 🍏During the mask you will receive a hand & arm massage!💆 Finally we will massage in a hyluronic acid serum (to brighten & plump) skin, & a stem-cell moisturizer all over your face, neck & décolleté & finish with a repairing eye cream. Get Ready to GLOW ☀️🌟🍁🍂🤩
Tightening & Brightening Facial- 45 min
here’s what’s included: Our new tightening & brightening facial includes all of the following Deep Cleansing with Aromatic Steam, MicroExfoliation AND a chemical exfoliation Extractions if wanted with pineapple Enzyme cleansing Cherry 🍒 Brightening Treatment Anti-aging hand & arm massage LED Red light therapy Strawberry 🍓 Hyluronic Acid Tightening Mask Stress Reducing Aromatherapy neck & shoulder massage Gua Sha stone lifting facial massage hot towel therapy Anti-aging vitamin therapy hydration with face massage spf 45 min of facial bliss is waiting for YOU!
Chemical Peel
For any stronger peels (over 5% acid), you must be prepped on vitamins A&C for a minimum of 3 weeks before your peel!
Refresh Facial - 30 Min
Customized facial includes deep cleaning, exfoliation, extractions if needed, mask, moisturizer, spf, arm & hand massage; along with face, neck & shoulder massage too.
Teen Facial - 30 min
Customized skin care treatment to address teens needs such as breakouts & clogged pores, and irritated skin.
Chocolate Hydration Facial
This decadent facial truly is a gift for your skin. Hydrating, gentle natural clays and organic, RAW cacao powder combine to nourish and regenerate dry, mature, aging skin. Loaded with antioxidants and beneficial fats from RAW, unprocessed cacao and whole vitamin C from oranges, it is a powerful restorative treatment. Energizing, bacteria fighting spices help boost your skin's defenses against occasional blemishes, while organic Oats help soothe and nourish irritated skin.
Pumpkin Spice Detox Facial
Start off with cleansing steam and a pumpkin & Yam enzymatic exfoliation, followed by extractions if wanted, then a led red light brightening treatment. We apply a pumpkin vanilla latte hydration mask - including a hand & arm massage, neck, shoulder and face massage With uplifting orange oil. Finish with a pH balancing toner and moisturizer and hot towel compressions.
Environ Express Facial with light Peel
A quick way to try out a facial treatment! Includes cleansing, exfoliation and a moisturizer with face & neck massage . Suggested to add into any treatment or before a spray tan to increase your experience and heighten your results
Rapid Organic Peel
Organic pumpkin peel or lime stimulating paprika peel can be added onto any other service or booked by itself for a healthy glow - increases cell turnover while increasing blood & oxygen flow to brighten your skin - includes a mini facial too
Environ Mask Upgrade
Add-On to any chemical peel, mini facial, 30 min facial, LED light treatment or 45 min facial for $15 extra. This unique “peel-Off” mask pushes vitamins and nutrients into the skin, while deeply hydrating, calming, soothing, and tightening the skin!
Chemical Peel Add-On
When adding onto a facial
Dermaplaning Add-On
When adding onto a facial
Mini Facial & LED light treatment
Try out a new facial experience. with Environ skin care & lightwave led technology. cleanses, Exfoliates, hydrates & brightens skin. This new led light treatment is non-invasive, non-irritating, and no pain or downtime involved!
Mini Facial & LED Light Treatment - Happy Hour
Available weekdays from 1-4pm
LED light Treatment
Light wave LED light therapy can treat many skin conditions with regular use. One treatment will give skin a healthy glow and increase overall skin Hydration
LED light Treatment /add-on
When adding onto another service
Hands OR Feet waxing
Full Leg Wax
Upper Leg Wax
Includes the knees
Lower Leg Wax
Includes the knee
Quarter Leg Wax - Thighs area
Lip Wax
Lip Wax - Happy Hour
Available weekdays 1-4pm.
Lip - Threading
Child (boys)
Boys 12 and under
Hair Style / Blowdry
Men’s Haircut (adult)
Make-Up Application
For a special evening out or special events including bridal makeup. We have stage & film makeup, every day makeup, and mineral makeup depending on your preferences
Airbrush Makeup Application
Water based airbrush makeup that lasts for hours - perfect for special events or professional photos
On-Location Make-Up - 45 min
Min travel fee of $200 or a $15 per person travel fee if more than 10 miles away in addition to makeup pricing Includes airbrush makeup - strip lashes are $10 extra / clump lashes are $30 extra
Micro-Channelling/Deluxe Needling 75 min
This 75 min treatment includes numbing cream, an Environ facial with a mild chemical peel, ProCell microchanneling with their exclusive human-derived bone marrow/ stem cells/ and growth factor serum, and a complimentary led light treatment. 4-6 services are generally required to see full results.
Micro-Channeling/Express Needling
This 30 min service includes ProCell collagen induction therapy with a mini Environ facial and Environ growth factors (colostrum). 4-6 treatments are generally needed to see full results.
Hand Paraffin Treatment
Add on
Head, Neck, & Shoulder Massage
Add-on / when booking a regular service
Peppermint Scalp Massage Add-On
Scalp massage wiry peppermint essential oil / can be booked with any other service
Lavender Foot scrub
Add on
Keratin & Collagen Deep Hydrating Treatment
For Hands OR Feet; includes a hand or foot massage. Can be added onto any service. This is great for overly dry or cracked skin. It works great on eczema too!
Pamper Me Package - 6 pack
Lip or Chin Wax Neck & Shoulder Massage Eyebrow Cleanup Mini Facial Keratin Hand Treatment Keratin Foot Treatment Peppermint Scalp Massage Collagen Eye Treatment Collagen Lip Treatment Lavender foot scrub 6 for $45.00
Pamper Me Package - 3 pack
Choose any 3 enhancement services to add onto any other facial, body treatment, Lash, or waxing service! Lip & Chin Wax Neck & Shoulder Massage Eyebrow Cleanup Mini Facial or Rapid Peel Keratin Hand or Keratin Foot Treatment Peppermint Scalp Massage Collagen Eye Mask or Collagen Lip Mask Paraffin Hand or Paraffin Foot Treatment Lavender Foot Scrub 3 for 25.00
Neck Strip wax
Back of neck line
Nose Wax
Nose Wax - Happy Hour
Available weekdays 1-4pm.
Nose & Ear Wax - Happy Hour
Available weekdays 1-4pm.
Skin Lightening & Brightening
Intimate Lightening & Brightening Express Service
15 min - to maintain results with the full service
Side Burns wax
Sideburns waxing
Skin Sheek - 15 Min
treats Skin Irregularities with high frequency- skin sheek machine
Skin Sheek 1 spot - Add-on
When adding onto other services
Skin Sheek / 1 spot
Skin Sheek 15 min / add-on
When adding onto another service
Competition Spray Tan
Spray Tan- VIP tan
Includes upgraded ph balance prep spray, express solution, hydration (lock it in) upgrades along with drying powder and optional shimmer spray
Spray Tan
Includes prep spray, tan & drying powder
Express Tan Solution
Now you can shower in only 1-4 hours for your spray tans!
Lock It In / Tan Extender Add-On
Get a couple extra days out of your spray tan with this quick and easy spray on solution right after your spray tan
1/2 Body Spray Tan
Choose your upper or lower body
Spray Tan / Face & chest
Face & Chest Only
Spray Tan - Happy Hour
Available weekdays 1-4pm
Stomach Wax
Stomach and Chest Wax
UnderArm Wax
Underarm Wax - Happy Hour
Ultimate Body Treatment
Start off with a Hydrating & Exfoliating sugar scrub (choose from pineapple, lavender, or unscented), it is removed with warm towel compresses. Then receive a warm oil massage (choose from orange, vanilla, or unscented). Finish with a scalp massage and mini facial treatment!
Vajacial -
Exfoliating & ingrown hair treatment for intimate areas that includes deep cleansing, soothing & hydrating to brighten up skin & reduce pigmentations
Vajazzle- added onto waxing
Vajazzle - separate service
Vajazzle- Custom

Our Staff

Blair P
Blair has been an Esthetician for 3 years; she loves providing make-up applications for an event or a night out, and Dermaplaning Facials. She enjoys working in the Beauty industry and looks forward to providing many more skin care services soon!
Gina S.
Gina has been an Esthetician for 1 year and enjoys offering waxing services and meeting new people. She is continually taking advanced courses to offer more skin care services soon!
Leandra S.
Leandra has been a cosmetologist for 9 years; she has a passion for the beauty industry, and loves learning new specialty services. She is excellent at Brazilian waxing!
Marcy J
Marcy has 18 years experience as a medical aesthetician with a plethora of additional skin care certifications. She specializes in anti-aging & corrective non-invasive skin care, and she takes pride at being experts in the specialized skin care services we offer!