Dear valued customers, during the pandemic we have implemented extensive internal safety and cleaning practices. Here's what you need to know: Ohio State guidelines require therapists and clients to wear a face mask (please bring your own), we will take your temperature and extend some hand sanitizer upon entering, you may also visit the bathroom and wash your hands. **Appointments must have 30 minutes in between clients, remain in your car and we will send a text message to you indicating you can come inside. Thanks, and please continue to stay safe! Shelly

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CCT/Reiki/Energy Work

Assist the body in cleansing toxins, clear and balance the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages. Schedule an energy healing session with Shelly to align with your fullest potential.

$85 · 1 hour

One Hour Massage

$85 · 1 hour

Hour And 1/2 Massage

$115 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Free Consult for Birth Services

Schedule your free 30-minute virtual meeting where you can ask questions, we can chat, and determine if we are a good match.

Free · 30 minutes


Custom created belly casting in your home. Your cast will be left behind with you to dry and decorate as you wish. Service includes all supplies needed.

$80 · 1 hour

All Access Pass

Purchase an All-Access Pass for Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum support with me (Shelly Varelli). This pass includes all the services I offer and can be initiated at any time in pregnancy to include postpartum support as needed. $250/month for 6 months. -Inclusive services are limited to those offered by Shelly Varelli. Does not include fees associated with other supporting business partners or collaborations. -Plan can be canceled up to 38+0 weeks of pregnancy. The client will be charged the full rate of individual services provided to that point. -Opt-in is available at any time in pregnancy with payment plan for 6 months. -No refunds for payments already made.

$1,500 · 1 day

Childbirth Education: Stages and phases or labor, comfort measures, pain management options

$85 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Birth Plan Meeting

A one-one meeting where we review all your options and create a customized plan for your birth.

$85 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Doula Service (in person or virtual)

Doulas are well-informed about the natural physiological progression of labor, birthing options, care providers, evidence-informed practices, support groups, vaccine options, nutrition, herbs, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, & much more. Schedule a free consult to learn more or reserve Shelly as your doula now.

Sliding fee available starting at $600 $1,000 · 1 day

Herbal Bath-purchase of loose herbs only

This herbal blend consists of calendula, comfrey, lavender, yarrow, shepherds purse, and uva ursi, This bag is enough herbs to make four baths.

$12 · 5 minutes

Herbal Bath-preparation and home delivery

Allow me to brew your postpartum infusion (herbal blend, garlic, sea salt) and deliver it to your home. Use for peri-wash, padsicles, sitz bath, or full bath immersion.

$50 · 8 hours 40 minutes

Placenta Encapsulation (includes print and cord keepsake)

Encapsulation has many benefits. Visit my FAQ section to learn more. This service includes a two-three day processing of your placenta. I will be on call for pick up, processing, and delivery back to you within a week of birth. A $50 deposit is required to secure my on-call availability (applied to the full balance).

$250 · 11 hours

Blessing Ceremony

Blessingway Ceremony Mother Blessings & Rite of Passage Events Fee: $250.00 Completely customized events ​ "Because all change, changes you... forever." ​ Celebrate the many transitions that mark our journey through life! ~birth, menarche, woman to mother, childbirth, menopause, gender recognition/transition, goddess celebrations, passing, shifting & clearing. These are all intentional, sacred events. A customized event, guided by your preferences, culture, and personal journey that honors the transformation of “change”. It doesn’t matter what the life-changing event may be, I assure you, it’s appropriate and worthy of recognition. “Rite of Passage Events” are filled with offerings, intentions, pampering, and amazing food (brought by guests, coordinated by your host). "I promise this is an event you will remember fondly for the rest of your life." -Shelly

$250 · 4 hours 40 minutes

Childbirth Education: Informed decison making, interventions, and birth plans for Hospital Birth

$85 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Childbirth Education: Postpartum, lactation, and feeding your baby

$85 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Childbirth Education: Homebirth and Natural Labor Preparation

$85 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Shelly Varelli

As a holistic practitioner, I recognize each individual is part of a larger system. This life-course approach addresses the belief that the health and well-being of the whole person cannot be compartmentalized and treated separately, but are always connected and evolving. While honoring your current experience, I acknowledge the past and how it affects your health and the ability to nurture one's self. With every visit, we will talk about how you’re feeling, with a commitment to honor your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical state during your personal journey. "Within my practice, I provide LGBTQIA inclusive pre-conception planning, pregnancy, birth care, and postpartum care that is compassionate, respectful, and culturally appropriate for all clients, parents, babies, and families. I have a personal and professional passion to help people feel empowered, knowledgeable, and confident."