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Skip the tanning bed & stop roasting in the sun, let me provide you with a safe natural flawless tan! Organic and cruelty free! xoxo
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Our Services

Rapid Tan
Great for all skin tones/types 1-4 HOUR PROCESSING TIME 1-2 hours for a light tan 3 hours for a medium tan 4 hours for a dark tan Tan lasts 7-10 days
Bronze Babe
8 Hour processing time Ideal for all skin types Designed to achieve a light, medium, or dark tan. contains a bronzer derived from walnut and almond Includes prep spray and finishing powder lasts 7-10 days with proper care
Studio Spray Tan
Located in Arroyo Grande All studio tans include Prep Spray and Finishing Powder [Basic Babe Tan $40] [Rapid Tan $50] [Bronzer Free Tan $40] [Bronze Babe Tan $45] [Dark Depth $55]
Basic Babe Tan
10 HOUR PROCESSING TIME Great for fair complected skin. Spray tan blend designed to achieve light, medium, or dark results. contains walnut extract Includes prep spray and finishing powder Tan lasts 7-10 days
Leg Spray in studio only
Legs only, in studio only! $25
Group of 2
In-studio Coming in to get a tan with a friend, choose this option for 2 people.
Group of 3-5
In-studio Please choose this option if you need to book an appointment for 3 - 5 people
Group of 6+
In-studio Have a group of 6 or more, please book this option and leave a note with an estimated number of guests joining you.
Dark Depth Tan
Deep dark tan 12 hour processing time Best for medium - dark skin tones Contains a dark cosmetic bronzer Lasts 7-10 days

Our Staff

Hi! I'm the owner of Ladylike Spray Tans. I've been spray tanning for 12 years. Looking forward to providing you with a great tan!