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Sandbar Retreat (2+ Hours)

This trip is designed for relaxation. Enjoy Key West’s pristine outer islands that are home to various secluded sandbars. Sit back and take in the view of the vast mangrove Forrest, home to a number of birds and marine life. Once at the Sandbar, enjoy the best beaches Key West has to Offer. Natural sand, unique sea shells, and plenty of sea life surrounds these one of a kind sanctuaries. You can cast out to a variety of species of fish while at the sandbar, snorkel the mangroves, and even enjoy a fresh grilled meal. Just Ask the Capt. to bring a grill and you supply the food! You can always bring a packed lunch and make it simple! 100$ each additional hour

$375 · 2 hours

Quick Trip (2 Hours)

This is the perfect way to wet some lines on a tight schedule. Target Mangrove Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Sharks, and Barracuda on this short trip, you will get a glimpse of what the beautiful waters of Key West have to offer.

$375 · 2 hours

Half Day Charter (4 Hours)

This trip is perfect for anyone wanting to get a taste of what Key West fishing is all about, without spending to many hours in the sun. Head out to the Reef and Wrecks in both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico targeting Groupers, Snappers, Jacks and other fun fighting delicious fish! We can also head off shore targeting Mahi-Mahi, Black Fin Tuna, and other pelagic treats depending on conditions.

$575 · 4 hours

3/4 Day Charter (6 Hours)

An ideal trip for avid anglers looking to spend the best part of your day exploring a range of different fishing grounds for a well-rounded fishing experience. Get a mix of inshore and offshore fishing or you can incorporate a visit to the sandbar. The extra time compared to the half day trip makes all the difference, it allows you to venture further, fish longer, and make the most of a diverse trip.

$750 · 6 hours

Full Day Charter (8 Hours)

A full day on the water is the perfect way to experience the Florida Keys. You’ll get to fish for multiple species and relax on the sandbar all in one trip. Head out first thing in the morning to catch the bight, These waters are home to anything from Groupers and Snappers, of all sorts, on the Reefs and Wrecks, to Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo offshore. Mix it up through out the morning offshore, inshore, and nearshore fishing targeting a multitude of species. By the afternoon, you may be ready for some chilling and grilling. We end the trip at a sandbar off of a secluded island. Perfect for a picnic, relaxing, swimming, and exploring. You can request for the Capt. to bring a grill to cook up your fresh catch, or bring anything you would like him to grill for you! Packed lunches are always easy if you want to keep it simple.

$950 · 8 hours

All Day Adventure (10 Hours)

Discover the Marquesas Keys on a trip like no other. Located 20mi West of Key West, lies the beautiful uninhabited cluster of islands. Picturesque beaches, crystal clear waters, and abundant live reefs make for the perfect All day Adventure. Catch the bight early to put fish in the cooler, spend the rest of the day relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, sight Casting, and enjoying a meal on island to yourself. Pack a ready made lunch or bring something for the Capt. to throw on the grill for you!

$1,100 · 10 hours

Sunset Cruise

Enjoy watching the sun go down on a private boat trip! Unobstructed views, no big crowds, best way to experience a Key West Sunset. Bring your own booze!

$350 · 1 hour 30 minutes


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