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When we experience physical, emotional, mental, or energetic stress or trauma, any one of our chakra energy centers can become imbalanced or depleted, compromising the full spectrum functioning of our energy system. In Chakra Yoga Healing Sessions Brooke Smokelin uses her years of experience as a yoga teacher and sound healer and her knowledge of the chakras as the founder of Chakra Activation Yoga as a thoughtful response to the specific needs of an individual in a nurturing one-on-one environment. It is a session or series of sessions designed with the intention to "ignite your light" and bring your physical body and your energy body back into balance and optimal functioning so that you can radiate your “full spectrum self”.
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Chakra Assessment Session/ First Session
The Chakra Assessment session includes a diagnostic protocol for determining the energy levels and inter-functioning of each chakra. This technique evaluates how well energy is flowing through your chakra system and which of your chakras need the most attention. Based on the information gleaned in the Assessment, a treatment plan is devised and treatment (through sound healing and/ or Chakra Activation Yoga) administered.
Chakra Balancing Session/ Chakra Tune-Up
This is a follow up session after the initial Chakra Assessment. In these sessions we work together to learn and practice various Chakra Activation Yoga tools and techniques as well as experience different sound healing techniques to clear the vibrational field as well as energize the energetic and physical body back to well being and full spectrum functioning.
Chakra Coaching Session
Are you ready to ignite the light within you? Are you interested in fulfilling your potential for happiness, success, and well-being? Are you ready to stand firmly in the value of your unique gifts? Are you ready to feel fully empowered to create the life that you want? Let’s go! I have over 15 years of experience educating, motivating and counseling people about activating and embodying their potential and living their “full spectrum” life! If you are ready to receive support, resources, motivation, and guidance, book a Chakra Coaching Session with me today! These are available in person (Thursdays 2-8 pm @ Mookshi) or via video (Skype/ Facetime/ Zoom) sessions with the following availability: Wednesdays: 2 pm- 6 pm Fridays: 11am -5 pm Please contact for bookings during those additional hours. Thank you!
Essential Oils & the Chakras Consultation
This 30 minute session can be added on to your first-visit Chakra Assessment or as an add-on to your regular Chakra Balancing Session. Essential Oils are a natural and effective remedy for supporting your physical and energetic body systems. Learn about what oils can best support your well being at this time and how to use them and integrate them into your lifestyle. In the meantime you can explore the wonderful world of essential oils on your own go to:
Personal Yoga Session
Do you want some one on one yoga attention? Are you ready to start a home yoga practice and need an experienced yoga teacher*** to design a sequence for your body and your lifestyle? Do you have specific ailments and want to know how yoga can help? Do you want someone to spot you on that head stand or check your alignment in shoulderstand? Do you want to know if you are breathing correctly during yoga and in support of your poses? If you are a beginner or an advanced yoga student, it’s wise to take a few private sessions every now and then with an experienced yoga teacher to make sure you are doing things correctly. I can help! *** I am a registered E-RYT (Experienced Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance.
Private Sound Healing Session
Private Sound Healing Sessions are like “sound massage”; sessions are 60-90 minutes and you relax, fully clothed, on a treatment table. You then hear, feel, and experience powerful unison, harmony, and octave frequencies of Pythagorean tuned tuning forks, activating a deep resonance and inner vibratory response, and allowing your body-mind-spirit to vibrate at its optimal frequency so that your PERSONAL VIBRATION can be its most vital, most powerful, most truthful and healthy expression of All-You-Are!
Private/Semi-Private Sound Bath
Immerse yourself*** in the healing vibrations of multiple Pythagorean tuned quartz crystal singing bowls. Let every watery cell of your being come into harmony! Relax completely. Ahhhhhhhhh...... *** The treatment room can accommodate 3 people for this session.
Private/ Semi- Private Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Session
In these sessions clients*** are gently assisted into simple, aligned and supported (via blankets, bolsters, and other props) restorative yoga poses and linger there for longer duration (5-10 minutes per pose) WHILE hearing and feeling the visceral vibrations and unison, harmony, and octave intervals of quartz crystal singing bowls and tuning forks to ease chronic stress and allow deep relaxation. Essential oil aromatherapy may be used as well. *** Treatment room can accommodate 2 people for this session.
Private/Semi-Private Chakra Activation Yoga Series
ARE YOU READY TO "IGNITE THE LIGHT"?!?!!!! In this series of 7 personalized Chakra Activation Yoga Sessions we move from Root Chakra (Session 1) to Crown Chakra (Session 7) and dive deeply into one particular chakra per session. Clients*** learn and practice specific Chakra Activation Yoga tools and techniques of pranayama (breathing), asana (physical postures), kriyas (physical actions) and mantras ( sound/though forms) to experience, energize, and explore that chakra. These Chakra Activation Yoga Sessions can also be combined with a Sound Healing component (crystal bowls, tuning forks) and/ or incorporate Restorative Yoga poses and Essential Oils. *** Treatment room can accommodate 2 people per session.
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