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Our Services

Regular facial
Environ chemical peel with algae mask
includes a hydrating mask
Microdermabrasion and peel level 1
Chemical peel
Level 1
Dr Schrammek Green peel
Includes one more appointment in 7 days for 30 min
Brow shaping
Microdermabrasion + peel + Casmara molding mask
Lip wax
Lash tint
Brow tint
Bikini wax
Brazilian bikini wax
Underarm wax
Free with the service
Microneedling full face
Includes post treatment kit
Microneedling series of 6 full face
Includes post treatments kit
Microneedling series of 3 full face
includes post treatment kit
Rezenerate treatment
Chemical peel level 2
LED light therapy
Sculppla H2
Rezenerate with XO8 Placenta mask
Casmara ocean miracle treatment
Tama microcurrent Gen2
Maintance for current clients
Tama microcurrent spot treatment Gen2
DNA CryoStem Cell Treatment (option 1)
The treatment will produce noticable results to all skin types and is especially effective for mature, dry, dehydrated, enviromentally stressed, prematurely aged, photo-damaged skin. The effects are immediately visible leaving the skin hydrated, lustrous, radiant glow that continues to peak at 144 hours after the application.
DNA CryoStem Therapy treatment (option 2)
The CryoStem Cell Therapy treatment is intended to protect, correct and rejuvenate skin. This ampule has remarkable toning, firming and lifting effects that are felt and visibly seen within seconds of application.
Fibroblast Plaxpot Collagen lift
Upper eye lid lift
Fibroblat plaxpot Collagen lift
Under eye bags/Wrinkles
Fibroblast Plaxpot Collagen lift
Crows feet
Fibroblast Plaxpot Collagen lift
Forehead lines
Fibroblast Plaxpot Collagen lift
Top lip (target wrinkles in lip line
Fibroblast Plaxpot Collagen lift
Jowl lift
FibroblastPlaxpot Collagen lift
Neck lift from $800 - $1500, depends on the area
Fibroblast Plaxpot Collagen lift
Full tummy (covers the width of two hands)
Fibroblast Plaxpot Collagen lift
Stretch marks
Fibroblast Plaxpot Collagen lift
Sunspots, skin tags, scars
DNA Lyco Ionic Jessner peel
This peel is deeper than AHA peels due to combination and strengths of the peeling agents. It requires one full week for completion and great for photo damaged, hyper pigmented, have fine lines an wrinkles, acne scaring, up to 6 coats can be applied, each coat is additional $60.00. THe skin will darken and tighten in 2-3 days and will begin to visibly exfoliate.
Ellen Brennan Renewal system
First appt 3 hours, second day 2 hours, 7 days post treatment 1 hour
Ellen Brennan Micro peel

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