The Bare peach waxing studio

The Bare Peach Waxing studio is a full body waxing salon for both men and women. We believe in providing the best waxing service in Las Vegas, We also believe in paying really close attention to detail while educating each and every client on the essentials of proper daily skin care for best results. Stop shaving and start waxing!
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Our Services

Women's Brazilian
Full front including buttstrip
Men's BrOzilian
Full front including butt strip
Women's Brazilian Front
Full front (does not include buttstrip)
Men's BrOzilian Front
Full front ( does not include butt strip)
Women's Butt Strip
Men's Butt Strip
Women's Full Butt
Includes butt strip
Men's Full Butt
Full butt including butt strip
Women's Inner Thigh
Men's Inner Thigh
Women's Bikini Line
Bikini line and shaping (does not include butt strip)
Men's Line and Shaping
Bikini Line
Women's Full Face
Brows, Nose, Ears, Cheeks, Sideburns, Lip, Chin and Neck
Men's Full Face
Brows, cheeks, Chin, Ears, nose, Side burns, Lip and Neck
Women's Brows
Trim and Shaping
Men's Brows
Trim and shaping
Women's Lip
Men's Lip
Women's Chin
Men's Chin
Women's Cheeks
Men's Cheeks
Women's Nose
Inside of nose
Men's Nose
Inside of nose
Men's Neck (Front)
Front of neck
Women's Neck (Front)
Front of Neck
Women's Sideburns
Men's Sideburns
Women's Ears
Outside and inside of ears
Men's Ears
Outside and Inside of ears
Women's Full Arms
Men's Full Arms
Includes hands
Women's Upper Arms
Men's Upper Arms
Hair removal from elbow up
Women's Lower Arms
Men's Lower Arms
Hair removal from elbow to hands
Women's Underarms
Men's Underarms
Women's Hands
Men's Hands
Women's Full Back
Men's Full Back
Does not include top of shoulders
Women's Upper Back
Men's Upper Back
Women's Lower Back
Men's Lower Back
Women's Full Shoulders
Men's Full Shoulder
Women's Neck (back)
Men's Neck (Back)
Back of Neck
Women's Full Legs
Full upper leg and lower leg (Toes and feet included)
Men's Full Leg
Full thighs and Full lower legs (includes feet and toes)
Women's Upper Leg
Hair removal from Knee up
Men's Upper Leg
Below the knee to upper thigh
Women's Lower Leg
Hair removal from knee down (includes toes and feet)
Men's Lower Leg
Starts above knee to feet (includes feet)
Women's Feet
Men's Feet
Women's Toes
Men's Toes
Women's Full Chest
Men's Chest
Women's Full Stomach
Men's full Stomach
Women's Stomach Strip
Men's Stomach Strip
Brazilian, Underarm, Inner Thigh & Lower Leg
Free lip or stomach strip
Brow, Underarm, Brazilian & Lower Leg
Free Lip or Stomach strip
Brow, Underarm & Brazilian
Free lip or stomach strip
Women's Full Body
Face to toes
Men's Full body
Face to toes

Our Staff

Edna Anaya