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Cedar Sage Wellness believes in whole health - body, mind and soul. Using a combination of intuitive, energetic, emotional, and nutritional techniques, we gain access to a deeper level of healing.
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Our Services

Full Reading (Physical, Emotional & Spiritual)
Two options: In-Office or Long Distance. The Mystic Mage is a full service session consisting of an intuitive body scan, energy & emotional cleansing, and nutritional therapy. ***Distance sessions are done via phone or email. If you choose by email, you do not need to be available at your scheduled time. Your reading will be sent to you once the session has been completed.***
Nutritional Therapy Check In (Via Email Only)
For pre-existing clients this service offers nutritional therapy (only) re-evaluations via email.
Spirit Guide Reading
Are you curious who helps guide you on your path? Our guides in our life can come and go, through different phases depending on where we are at in our journey. This reading will also provide you with information as to how they attempt to communicate with you. Let's see who's working with you right now! *Readings are provided via email or phone only.
Mini Session
20 Minute mini session. Can be done in person, over the phone or through email. Please specify how you would like to receive your reading when booking your appointment.
Nutritional Therapy Consultation (New Clients)
Nutritional Therapy Consults can be done in person, or long distance via phone or email. Your session will include: - Intuitive Body Scan - Symptom Burden Graph, showing you which areas of your body are under the most amount of stress - Helpful supplementation suggestions - Easy to understand, personalized holistic advice, customized to your needs

Our Staff

Autumn Smith