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Enjoy your services in a peaceful setting where quality is never compromised! We sincerely hope that at the conclusion of your services they will have exceeded your expectations in every way! Spa Joli Belle looks forward to welcoming you!
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Our Services

Skin Care Consult
Get a professional opinion about your skin! Book a consultation! Book a facial after your skin consult and we will deduct the cost of your consult from your first facial!
Spa Joli Belle's Signature Custom Facial
The complete comprehensive Customized Facial that addresses exactly what your skin needs at every appointment using the very best Medical Grade Organic skin care products! This is the results oriented skin transforming facial you've been looking for that also allows for some deep relaxation as part of your service.
Spa Joli Belle's Facial InFusion
A truly innovative and unique non acid, non chemical dermal rejuvenating, renewing and nourishing Facial Treatment that works like a 'peel' without the downtime, skin irritation or inflammation with traditional peels. This unique process leaves the skin glowing with health while working hard to transform your skin deep in the dermal layer where true change begins! Because this skin healthy treatment nourishes the skin rather than traumatizing it you can do this service much more frequently without harming your skin! This is strictly a intensive skin treatment so no massage!
Spa Joli Belle's ReVita Pen Facial InFusion
The penultimate in dermal rejuvenation utilizing a professional device that increases product penetration by increasing permeability in the skin combined with the cutting edge Facial InFusion Dermal Rejuvenating 'un-peel' that doesn't harm or inflame the skin make for a powerful skin treatment. This treatment is dedicated to nourishing the skin to create gorgeously healthy skin that glows from the inside out! This is strictly an intensive skin treatment so no massage!
Spa Joli Belle's Trip the Light Fantastic Facial
This Skin Health Enhancing Modality is non invasive, non inflammatory and sooooo good for the skin! In addition to all the elements of a Custom Facial you'll also enjoy a 20 minute Light Therapy session designed to give your skin a deeply rejuvenating treatment that penetrates far beneath the surface of the skin! The best part of all...Light Therapy is sooooo very relaxing!
Spa Joli Belle's Good Vibes Facial
A highly advanced skin treatment that addresses not only the conditions of the skin but the very substructure that supports your skin as well! This powerful treatment targets your skin's rejuvenation needs in the most therapeutic and corrective way possible using a professional grade micro-current device! You can find more information about this service on our website: (please note this service is not suitable for all clients...a complete consultation will be done prior to any services!)
Spa Joli Belle's Smooth Eyes and Luscious Lips Treatment
A natural way to strengthen and rebuild collagen in these two injections, no inflammation...just plumper lips and smoother deeply hydrated skin under eyes with results that are visible after treatment! Over time treatment results are cummulative in effect.
Perfect Paraffin Face Treatment
Give the driest skin the boot with this treatment! Paraffin is applied on top of your mask to deliver deep down moisture! Your skin will be so velvety soft you won't want to stop touching it!
Hot Lips Treatment
Got cracked, dry or peeling lips? Then you need this treatment to revive and soften your dry lips! A lip balm covered with a collagen lip pad and topped with warm super moisturizing paraffin will leave your lips soft and supple! A fabulous lip balm finishes your lip treatment perfectly! Add to any facial! (must be able to breathe through your nose during treatment!)
The Existential Back Luxe Back-cial
What feels better than feeling good? Not much! A scrubbing cleanse preps the skin for a luxurious massage with the added benefit of therapeutic Hot Stones leaving muscles deeply relaxed. A dermal mask delivers intense moisture into the skin while the neck and lower legs get some special attention! The finishing touch is a deeply penetrating Luxe moisturizer that melts into your skin leaving you with supremely soft and supple skin! Happy Back done! (please note that you will be face down for approximately 50-60 minutes)
The Deep Freeze Please Targeted Back Treatment
All the elements of our Existential Back-cial with the added benefit of Cold Stone therapy for hot spots such as sciatica or lower back pain! Ending the treatment with Hot Stones brings the deepest level of relaxation the entire back! (If you have severe persistent back pain or have recently had back surgery please see your doctor to obtain a release and consent before having any back treatment!)
Good for the Sole Luxe Foot-cial
Treat your hardworking feet to a little TLC! Cleansing, scrubbing, massaging, masking and moisturizing are all a part of this delightful foot treatment that will put the 'Sole' back in your feet!!
Got to Hand It to You Luxe Hand-cial
Divine digits coming up! Cleansing, massaging, some hot stones to rest your hands while a Luxe mask delivers intense moisture....last but not least a supremely rich hand cream makes for some pretty Divine Digits that feel simply heavenly!
Brow Wax
The true secret of a great brow wax is a collaboration between client and waxer to achieve what the clients desires. That's what you'll get at Spa Joli Belle! Please note this service is maintenance brow waxing for men or women! If you're rocking the 70's in your brow area check out our Brow Design service to get things rolling!
Brow Design
This service is for the individual who has never waxed their brows or has not waxed for a long time. The service Includes the creation of a brow shape, a tutorial on creating the look of symmetry in your brows (as it does not occur naturally for the vast majority) along with tips on brow care and grooming for at home! The all inclusive brow service for men or women! Maintenance of brows is recommended every 4 weeks minimum!
Lip Wax
Upper Lip De-fuzzed!
Chin Wax
Chin De-fuzzed!
Cheek Wax
Cheeks De-Fuzzed!
Full Face Wax
Included lips, cheeks, chin and neck...does not include the brow...please book a brow wax with your Full Face wax if you need your brows done too!
Full Arm Wax
Arm de-fuzzed from upper arm to wrist...does not include underarm....
Half Arm Wax
Arm de-fuzzed from elbow down!
Underarm Wax
Underarms de-fuzzed!
Half Leg Wax
Leg de-fuzzed from knee down
Full Leg Wax
Legs de-fuzzed from upper thigh down to ankles...does not include inner thigh bikini area
Back Wax
Back de-fuzzed from waist to shoulders
Chest Wax
Chest de-fuzzed from navel up...does not include lower abdomen
Basic Bikini Wax
Hair removed just outside panty line...may wear disposable panty (provided) if desired
Extended Bikini Wax
Hair removed from slightly inside panty line top to perineum.....may wear disposable panty (provided) if desired
Playboy Bikini Wax
Hair removed from bottom of pubic bone to shaped...undergarments must be removed for this service
Brazilian Bikini Wax
All hair removed....back optional....undergarments must be removed for this service
CryoClear Cryotherapy Treatment
Utilizing a state of the art pen like device you can quickly and effectively treat the the surface signs of aging such as age spots, sun spots and actinic keratosis's! The cost of this service will be determined at the time of your appointment after a consultation with your Skin Care Professional...for an approximation of cost visit our CryoClear page on this website prior to booking your appointment!
Pumpkin Feet Treat Special Add On
Got a touch of hobbit feet going on? Get a quick fix while you have a facial or back treatment or enjoy all by itself! A lovely pumpkin treatment is applied and wrapped in warm towels to soften your skin...then a luxe foot cream and some warm paraffin and before you know you'll be rocking soft feet that won't sound like velcro on the carpet when bare! Fabulous Feet Complete!
Microblading Consultation
Get all the information you need to make your Microblading appointment and enjoy fuller more beautiful brows everyday! Book your microblading appointment (deposit required) at the conclusion of your consultation and your consult fee will be waived!
Strokes Only Microblading
Brow Restoration or Enhancement of existing brows using strokes that resemble hair
Powder Effect Microblading
Add soft diffused dimension that resembles a 'powder brow' look to your strokes microblading
Ombre Effect Microblading
Create brows with strokes and then add multi hued softly diffused dimension to your strokes for the ultimate brow look that's beautifully sophisticated
Powder Effect Alone Microblading
Add dimension to your existing full brows to give them soft definition and volume. Does not include any individual strokes, just shading to create the 'powder effect'

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