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Complimentary · 25 minutes

Event Makeup

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Color and Blonding Services

Pricing for all Balayage, Blonding and Coloring Services start at our base rate + our hourly rate, per hour. Our hourly rate is applied at the completion of color application and for the duration of your appointment. The hourly rate excludes the processing time and includes glossing, haircut/blowout, and a traditional conditioning treatment.

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Haircutting and Styling Services

Included with each customized and tailored haircut is a blowout and style. Blowouts include your desired style for the evening.

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Conditioning Treatments

Choose one of our Conditioning Treatments as an Add-On to your appointment! Decide between our standard, our customary, or two of our prime in salon treatments! Our two prime in salon treatments include take home product for your haircare maintenance!

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Keratin Treatments

Choose the right Keratin Treatment for you! Service pricing for all Keratin Treatments start at our Base Rate and varies depending on length, density, thickness, style, etc.

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Spray Tanning Services

Choose between our .... Traditional Spray Tan: requires a development time of 8+ hours before rinsing Rapid One Hour Spray Tan: requires a development time of 1-3+ hours before rinsing.

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Lash and Brow Services

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Hair Extensions

Interested in extensions? Please contact us to schedule a consultation before booking!

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Event Hairstyling

$85+ $85 · 45 minutes


Laura Nicholas