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This online scheduling system allows you to schedule last minute appointments, but the therapist is usually not available on short notice. If scheduling appointments less than 24 hours in advance, please text 562-743-7672 to get a direct confirmation from the therapist.
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Our Services

Initial Consultation for Fertility, Menstrual Disorders, Painful Sex, Menopause
This consultation includes a massage, half hour v steam, home instructions to follow, and is required for your first visit if you are • trying to get pregnant • seeking relief from menstrual or menopausal issues. • dealing with tilted or prolapsed uterus/ incontinence/ painful sex, and digestive issues
60 Minute Follow-up Womb Therapy
75 Minute Follow-up Womb Therapy
1.5 Hour Follow-up Womb Therapy
60 Minute Pregnancy/ Postpartum Session
75 Minute Pregnancy/ Postpartum Session
1.5 Hour Pregnancy/ Postpartum Session
Helping Labor Begin and Avoiding Induction
Beginning at 38 weeks pregnancy, sessions will include techniques to make sure baby is in “ready position” and signaling your body that it’s time to start dilating and effacing. This will help ensure labor begins near your due date.
Helping Breech Baby Turn
This is a session that combines bodywork and spinning babies techniques to balance mom and create more space for baby to turn. Recommended before ECV.
Scar Therapy for C-Section, Hysterectomy, etc.
This work has multiple health & beauty benefits, even if the scar is decades old. Take home self-care instructions and tips continue progressing on your own.
Cellulite, Varicose & Spider Vein Prevention/ Reduction
Abdominal, hip, and thigh massage, along with uterus alignment to increase blood, lymph and energy flow to and from the legs. You will be given a home program which provides you with a variety of techniques, essential oils, and supplements to continue progressing.
60 Minute Therapeutic Bodywork
75 Minute Therapeutic Bodywork
1.5 hour Therapeutic Bodywork
45 Minute Seated Massage & Detox Footbath Combo
Your feet will be in warm water while you lean forward and rest your head/ chest pillows while you receive neck, shoulders, back and hip massage.
Detox Footbath

Our Staff

Rosa Rosales