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Dog Grooming

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Katy Bakker

Katy started grooming horses for show and that love has turned into a passion for grooming dogs. While studying for a degree in animal science, she decided to go to grooming school. She graduated grooming school in 2014 and mentored under a world renowned Master Groomer, Ann Martin. Ann bred standard poodles which Katy helped maintain and show for the 2 yrs that she spent learning from Ann and fell in love with the breed. After leaving Ann, she moved to wine country and groomed for a pet store there for about a year before she decided to start her own grooming shop. She ran Katy's Pet Salon for 3 yrs before making the move up to Montana. Katy loves furthering her education and skill and decided with help from her mentor to start the journey of getting her master groomer certification. Safety of the animals in her care is of the upmost importance to Katy, which is why she has gotten her A.K.C. SAFE certification as well as many others.