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Our Services

Bleach & Tone
Global Blonding. If you have existing color(s) in your hair, you will need to schedule a Corrective Color service before scheduling an all over blonding service.
This service includes shampooing your hair, the application of a heat-protecting product and/or a styling product, and blow drying the hair into a casually wavy or smooth style. *Pricing is for regular-density hair.
Brow, Lip, or Chin Waxing
The removal of unwanted hair from the eyebrow, lip, or china rea using hot wax.
Brow Color
Adding color to the eyebrows to enhance depth or blend gray hairs.
Brows Maintenance
Eyebrow shaping and/or removing excess hairs via tweezing.
Buzz Cut
*A buzz cut is a clipper cut done using 1-2 blades to achieve an all over buzz cut to the same length. This service does not include fades or combo cuts involving the use of scissors, texturizing shears, and/or razors.
Color- Single Process
A base (single process) hair color service involves coloring all of the hair to one tone, from roots to ends. This is an excellent option for blending grey, adding richness or vibrancy, or going darker. Color maintenance appointments, necessary to maintain your hair color investment, are advised to be scheduled within 3-5 weeks following your color service.
Color Maintenance
Maintenance service, for regular clients who have 1" or less of new (uncolored) hair growth. This is necessary to match your hair's new growth to the rest of your colored hair.
Color Maintenance- Xtra Short Hair
Same as other color maintenance, though this appointment uses less color and takes less time to complete the service.
Color and Highlights/Lowlights Maintenance
This service is for regular, ongoing clients who are maintaining their color and highlights/lowlights outgrowth every 2-3 months.
An in-person consultation where we discuss your hair needs and desires for your hair's health, look, and maintenance. If you don't know what service to book, and are a new client or never have had a color service with me, this option is for you. Once we've had a successful consultation and have developed a plan for your hair, your service can be scheduled for a future date. *Consultations are complimentary.
Corrective Color
Unwanted Color Removal.
Haircut- First Timer
Includes full consultation. $45-$55, depending on the length and thickness of the hair.
Haircut- Short or Medium length hair
For hair that is no longer than shoulder length.
Haircut- Thick or Long Hair
For any hair length that is also very thick, or for hair that is longer than shoulder length.
Haircut- Wig
I cut human as well as synthetic hair wigs, to customize the lengths to your face and according to your styling needs. *You must wear your wig for this service to best suit your head and face shape.
Haircut Maintenance
Choose this option when maintaining your clean neckline, side poof, or bangs, between Haircut appointments. *Complimentary for regular clients when pre-booked in-salon during checkout.
Hair Treatment
For the Health of your hair! Thickening, Deep Moisture, Shine/Gloss, or Split Ends Sealing.
Henna Maintenance
For ongoing henna clients who are having their root area touched up. If it's been longer than 2 months since we've done a full henna service, please schedule a full henna coloring service.
Foil, Balayage, Ombre', or Hand Painted Highlights/Lowlights
Highlights Maintenance
For ongoing clients who have received highlights from me in the last 3 months or less.

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