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KG Hairstylist is known for the importance of fabulous hair and creating a relaxed, fashion-forward environment that has been described as charming, quaint and personable. KG Hairstylist Is located in the middle of Lake Nona, in the most spa life salon Inside of Somerby.
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Our Services

Consultation of Services
Come in and get to know KG hairstylist. Talk about future appointments. Go over different techniques for your desire look
Women's Haircut & Blow Dry
Includes, wash, haircut and blow dry
Women's Bangs
Trimming the bangs or getting bangs.
Women's Blow dry
Women's Blow dry & Flat Iron
Women's Blow dry & Curls
Women's Color - Full Color
Includes, Full color (Virgin hair that never been colored before) , wash and blow dry.
Women's Color - Roots touch up
Includes Color roots touch up, wash and blow dry. (usually for grey coverage)
Women's Highlights - Full
Includes, Full Highlights (All over the head) , Wash and Blow dry.
Women's Highlights - Partial
Include, Partial highlights (crown, front sides and top) , Wash and Blow dry.
Women's Lowlights
Women's Highlights Partial & Root touch up
Includes, Double process of Color and highlights, wash and blow dry.
Women's Highlight & Lowlights - Partial
Includes, Highlights and Lowlights, wash and blow dry.
Women's Hair color - Toner
Neutralizes unwanted tones and blends highlights
Women's Deep Conditioning
Scalp treatment
Needing to detox your scalp? feeling too oily or having dandruff? Scalp treatment is what you need.
Olaplex Treatment
Olaplex is able to create a synthetic disulfide bond in the hair which repairs the weak links in the protein strands allowing hair to appear healthier and stronger after just one treatment. Added in Color, Highlights or Stand Alone.
Plastica Dos Fio
Brazilian hair straightening system. Last from 4-5 months.
Keratin Complex Smoothing treatment
Color correction
Removing hair color, for a new desire color.

Our Staff

Karla Antoinette
"They told me I could be anything I wanted. I wanted to make people feel beautiful so I became a Hairstylist" Karla Antoinette has been in the industry of beauty for 8 plus years, graduating from Paul Mitchell the school Orlando. Karla Antoinette, has become an independent hairstylist coming from a salon in Lake Nona. Located in Lake Nona for over 3 years.