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Advanced Pitching, Arm Strength, & Agility

The full hour lesson for pitching is for players that are seeking a comprehensive pitching experience. The hour lesson allows us the time to completely explore both throwing and pitching mechanics in full detail. We do this by using video tape analysis during the hour lesson, which vastly helps to illustrate what we are trying to demonstrate. This will allow the instructor to show the player their throwing and pitching on screen in slow motion. We Will also begin every lesson with a structured arm strength and agility work out, as well as a quality stretching and balance routine.

$100 · 1 hour

Private Pitching Maintenance

A lot of times the Advanced players feel confident on the mound and about their pitching mechanics, but still want to stay in shape and maintain their performance level. A lot of time the half hour is a good way to keep everything in order. The half hour is also a good amount of time for some of our younger players that are not quite ready for an entire advanced lesson.

$55 · 30 minutes

Gregory Acheatel